{Oh Hey Friday - Mom Edition}

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm linking up with The Farmer's Wife and Sept. Farm today for Oh Hey Friday! This week I'm talking about my five favorite things about being a Mom! It seems only fitting given that's what I've been doing for the last 14 weeks.
ONE // Baby Smiles
There is seriosly nothing better than looking at your baby and having him smile back at you. Wesson started doing this a while ago, and now it's rare if it doesn't happen when he sees someone. I love knowing he realizes I'm his Mama, that it brings him joy, and he has to smile about it.

He also LOVES looking at himself in the mirror and smiling. Cue the "I love myself" song!

TWO // Baby Noises
This is basically a tie with baby smiles. It is awesome seeing this cute boy learn and develop. He's cooing and talking like crazy. I love when he looks at himself in the mirror and talks, and even more when I'm holding him and he talks to me and smiles. Melt my heart.

THREE // Mom Friends
Motherhood has given me a whole new friend group. I loved my Square One group this summer. [Square One is a first time Mom's group at Watermark Church that connects you with other first time moms and gives you a place to discuss new trials and joys that comes along with the territory. They connect you with small groups of women that are in the same zip code too, so you have insta-close-friends! You don't have to be a member of Watermark Church to attend, either.]

It is awesome to have people that understand exactly what I'm going through. Over the 7 weeks of getting to know our Square One group, I found myself easily sharing, nodding along to the struggles and joys of being a new mom, and seeking council from the group. There is no guilt in being late, or skipping an outing, or having to go home to feed the baby or because your sweet baby had a blowout (aka poopsplosion) because everyone is in the same boat.

These women are some of the nicest I have encountered; understanding, patience, and kindness exude from them. When we had a poopsplosion at one of our Square One meetings a mom offered Wesson a onesie to wear since I had forgotten. Today, we had a photoshoot for one of the mom's sister-in-law's baby item business and fellowshipped before, during, and after. [Check out Luna Lullaby - their stuff is awesome! Maybe you'll see Wesson on the website at some point!]

Wesson snuggling with Adelyn.

At the end of the photoshoot today.

It is just awesome because not only do I get to hang out with awesome ladies, I also get to bring my main squeeze with me and vice versa with their littles. :) This is another reason why I am bummed to be heading back to work. We're totally going to miss weekday playdates! I fully plan to arrange for weekend playdates too, though. :) Wesson needs his buddies and I need my mama friends!

FOUR // Bath Time
Our kid LOVES bath time. Love is an understatement really. If there's anything that will fix Wesson's mood immediately, it's bath time. He is definitely his Mama's kiddo. [I am currently blogging during bath time. :) TMI? Sorry!] I think he's starting to recognize the sound of the water running, too, because last night he went from groggy after napping to W I D E A W A K E! He definitely likes warm water, and enjoys splashing in it by kicking his little feet. Ryan thinks he's going to love the hot tub. He doesn't even seem to mind when he accidentally splashes it in his face. Sweet babe.

FIVE // New Normal
I loved our little life before, but somehow now I love the shift that has occurred with Wesson's arrival even more. Weekends used to be for sleeping in, and I was pretty sure the early factor was going to kill me, but now the 6 am wakeup call doesn't even really phase me. Most of the time he goes back to sleep after eating fairly quickly, or I get something done briefly or tummy time with him for an hour, and then we snuggle and snooze on the couch together for another hour or two (if I'm lucky!). He is seriously the best snuggle buddy. I don't even mind when he nudges me with his feet in his sleep.

I love the way our border collies have adjusted to life with Wesson. Oakley Mae thinks she's his Mama and licks him incessantly. She's convinced it will make him stop crying too, but we have yet to see that happen. She is always eager to be by his side, and is excellent at tummy time. I've tried to lay Wesson against her and snap a picture, but for some reason she's not too keen on that. Some mommy she is. Kidding, Oakley Mae.

Jetta loves on him in her own way. She's not much for snuggling anyway, but she is definitely loyal and always goes to his room with me. Last night she helped me put him to bed from bottle (eating time) to crib (sleeping time). She even sticks her nose between the bars trying to see him. I think she'll really enjoy when he's walking and she can retrieve things he will likely throw for her. Oh, little athletapuppy.

Finally, I love that Ryan and I are content just to be with our sweet boy. Ryan said once early on in our relationship that one of the greatest things we could do with our time on earth was to raise a wonderful, God fearing family. Boy, was he right! Everything is just better with Wesson. Does it make things more complicated at times and are there times when Ryan and I are frustrated? You bet, but it's definitely worth it.

GAH. I could talk about my sweet babe forever on end. He completes me. Cheesy, so sue me. Happy Friday!

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