{Christopher Wesson's Nursery Tour}

Happy Monday, friends! I am so excited to share Wesson's nursery with you - FINALLY. I have to give most of the credit to my wonderful husband who spent many hours painting, putting together furniture (though I did HELP!), hanging pictures, and creating the beautiful pallet artwork hanging above Wesson's crib. I am a very lucky girl!

Let's begin, shall we!

When you enter the nursery a sign hangs on our terribly ugly door that reads, 

"Free Bear Hugs
Any time
Any bear"

Then you see the wall art, that three people contributed to, though you would think only one person picked it all out since it matches so dang well. Then we have Wesson's closet, which is highly organized at least for me, and the thing on the right is the stroller who's permanent residence will not be there, but we just have it there for now.

Here's a close up of the amazing art that Adair, my mom, and Jasmine gifted us. I am in love with the words, the frames, and the colors. They really could not go together more perfectly. From top to bottom: "For this child I have prayed" - 1 Samuel 1:27 framed picture, "Bear Sic'Em Silhouette" framed picture, and "Fearfully and wonderfully made" - Psalm 139:14 framed picture.

Next up is Wesson's closet, which I nested the heck out of. :) Our babe certainly has some clothes! We've already started stockpiling diapers too through the Amazon Prime Subscription.

Next up is the diaper odor control pail (yes, that's the technical term ;)), the dresser I helped put together complete with the changing tote, changing pad and beautiful changing pad cover Mama McD sewed for Wesson. Ryan's parents gifted us the beautiful artwork hanging above the dresser. We can't wait to see the little face the LORD designed for us.

His glider and storage ottoman are also part of that side of the room, as well as a three light fixture that is awesome because you can choose how many lights actually are on (1, 2, or three respectively). There's also a fun string and nails compass rose with arrows mounted on the wall for our boy's adventure (and ours!). :)

Close up of the changing pad and changing tote. Mama McD has had a fun time sewing things for Wesson!

Close up of the glider, ottoman, light fixture and compass rose artwork. The bear sitting in the glider was a gift from Papa McD (or Pop as he will be known to Wes) and Dar at our gender reveal. It's a pretty good fit we think!

Finally, we have Wesson's crib complete with sheets sewn by Mama McD (or Granda as Wesson will know her), the beautiful pallet art that Ryan made for him, a somewhat hidden storage nightstand, and his bookshelves stocked with some pretty great books! I am in love with the pallet initial art Ryan made for him. It is PERFECT and better than I imagined. I am so glad Ryan told me he wanted to build it for Wesson.

Crib, storage night stand, and artwork.

Close up of the arrow sheets Mama McD made for Wesson. She also made him a set with feathers, and another set with owls. So talented!

&& that, my friends, is Christopher Wesson's nursery! I hope you enjoyed the tour. Here's our little man from Monday when I got to see him at my appointment. He's pretty squished in there! He has his hand over his head in this picture, and that's his profile you're seeing. We do have some exciting news, too! If Wesson hasn't made his grand debut by next Tuesday we will be induced on Wednesday morning, his due date! It turns out my doctor is going to be out of town next Thursday and Friday and I didn't want to risk not delivering with her if he decided to come on those days. So, while I am hoping he will come on his own and I don't have to be induced, it is crazy exciting to think that Ryan and I will be parents this time next week!

Prayers for a safe delivery are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

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