{27 Week Bumpdate}

We're officially 28 weeks today! I am blown away by the Lord's faithfulness during our pregnancy. I am continuing to be humbled and amazed by this little babe.

Chalkboard Art: 

Size of the Baby: Rutabaga - 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.5 lbs
There's Wesson everybody. :) Kidding.

Maternity Clothes: Rocking all things maternity from here on out. Also thinking that Uggs are likely going to be a staple footwear too. I wore wedges to school yesterday and that was a mistake. My feet were dying by the end of the day.

Movement: Little Wes is clearly running out of space, because I can feel him on the right side and then immediately the left. He's a wiggle worm especially when I'm sitting or lying down, though thankfully not when I'm laying down to sleep. (I am loving this, but know it's likely to change soon.)

Sleep: Sleeping relatively well. Have been more tired the past two weeks than I was most of the 2nd trimester. I do have to pee nearly every night at some unpleasant hour. Sometimes I try to hold it if I have an hour of sleep to go, but if I sneeze or something on my way to the bathroom after trying that approach ... well, let's just say it's not the best idea. I've been trying to drink most of my water in the morning and afternoon and wean myself off after 6 by not chugging a glass every hour haha. Unfortunately, I get mega thirsty right before bed. It must be the nature of the beast.

Missing: Pants that don't go up to your boobs. It's fun to have stretchy pants and all, but the full panel belly band to keep them up has the tendency to make me pretty hot... especially with the unusually warm weather we've been rocking lately.

Nursery: Getting the painting going this weekend. Mama McD and I picked out fabrics for Wesson's crib sheets and crib skirt about 2 weeks ago and she's working on that. I CANNOT WAIT to see the finished product!

Craving: Sleeping through the night without waking up. I hear that comes... never once you have a child. :)

Symptoms: Heartburn has gotten a little better. Since my stomach is squished I haven't been eating as large of meals in one sitting, and have gotten better about eating smaller meals. My lower back is pretty sore and my hip was killing me yesterday. Other than that I feel like this pretty much sum up most of the rest of my day pretty perfectly:

Ryan is: going to paint this weekend! YAY! Let the nesting begin! He's also been a pretty great support system since I've been freaking out lately about the actual delivery portion of this adventure. I am a mess of emotions, folks!

Looking forward to: our first baby shower at the end of the month! I can't wait to celebrate this handsome boy, and of course, setting up the nursery. Also looking forward to getting a pedicure this weekend. It's getting really hard to reach my feet and pick things up for that matter.

Best Moments: Sleeping in late and not caring because soon those days will be far behind us, going to bed early, the love and gifts my students have been bringing for Wesson (so far he's gotten two blankets, some onesies, some sleep sacks, and a baby healthcare kit. My students and their families are so thoughtful!), and feeling Wesson move and SEEING IT (weird).

Since I missed Week 26 altogether, here's a look at the chalkboard art and bump shot from last week.

Hopefully next week I'll have pictures to show of our painted nursery! 
Until then,

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