{24 Week Bumpdate}

Chalkboard Art:

Size of the Baby: 10.5-11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 ounces - Size of a Cantaloupe
After our doctor's appointment this past week, we found out Wes was tracking at about 1 lb and 10 ounces. We love our little nugget!
Here's Wesson at our last appointment. He was chewing on his fingers.

Gender: I think it's time to start phasing this one out. He's a BOY! :)
Maternity Clothes: Even though I had to go back to work this week, it was easily done with my comfortable clothing. I have so many options now, and I am so glad!
Movement: Wesson is a wiggle worm when I sit down. He must not like that I'm crowding him when we sit, haha.
Sleep: Still sleeping fabulously, with the exception that I have wound up on my back mid-sleep. Ryan has been waking me up trying to get me to flip over. I've also been getting up pretty consistently around 3 am to pee each night, which is of course wonderful. Going to try to take in more water during the morning/early afternoon and start tapering off in the evening. I hope that helps!
Missing: Notta. Thank goodness.
Nursery: Nothing new.
Craving: Nothing. Glad for this.
Symptoms: Well, the heartburn just keeps getting better, and I have been breaking out like crazy lately. I didn't realize how wonderful having my acne under control was until I got pregnant.
Ryan is: loving feeling Wesson moving around. We loved seeing him at our sonogram appointment this past week. It was so surreal!
Looking forward to: getting the nursery together, feeling Wesson move, getting things together on the home front, and prepping for parenthood!
Best Moments: As I was sitting in the bathtub this past week, Wesson was kicking and it kind of seemed like a scene from Jurassic Park when T-Rex is coming and they can see the ripples in the water. It was pretty funny and crazy to see and feel that.

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