{23 Week Bumpdate}

Chalkboard Art:

Size of the Baby: 10.5-11.8 inches and 12.7-20.8 ounces - Size of a Grapefruit
Gender: Baby Boy - Christopher Wesson
Maternity Clothes: Rockin' anything and everything maternity. I love stretchy pants and maternity shirts. :)
Movement: Little Wes is moving like crazy. Ryan has started being able to feel him from the outside.
Sleep: Like a rock.
Missing: Alcohol - since this was New Year's Eve weekend I really wanted to celebrate with some champagne, but since I'm growing a little nugget it's totally worth it.
Nursery: Still haven't painted the walls, but we're going to soon!
Craving: Notta.
Symptoms: Heartburn to the max. :( Not a fan.
Ryan is: starting to feel Wes from the outside. I love how excited his face gets every time he feels our baby move.
Looking forward to: feeling Wes more and more.
Best Moments: feeling Wes and enjoying the relaxation of Winter Break. It will be gone too quickly.

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