{25 Week Bumpdate}

Chalkboard Art:

Size of the Baby: 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.5 lbs - as big as a cauliflower
This seems HUGE to me!

Maternity Clothes: My low-rise panel jeans are rolling down because my belly is too big, but the only pair of full panel jeans I have sag and are awful, so I'm going to have to get some more of those. Otherwise, still loving my maternity shirts and other maternity pants.

Movement: Wesson was really active this week, especially when I was sitting down. He still seems to be more active when we sit vs stand, but I imagine that's because "I'm crowding him" significantly more when we sit.

Sleep: At the beginning of this week I was feeling really congested like I was getting a cold, so I started taking some night time Robitussin (pregnancy approved medicine) to help me sleep and it knocked me out cold. I am still wriggling my way on to my back and poor Ryan has to tell me to roll over... to which last night I didn't respond near as sweetly as I could have. I believe I told him to leave me alone lol... not my finest moment, I'll admit. It's just so dang comfortable!

Missing: Sleeping on my back consistently, sitting on the floor with my kids at school, fitting into student sized desks (it's getting realllllly cramped), and sitting on the floor to put shoes on and take them off.

Nursery: We still haven't painted yet, but we did get a dresser and desk from IKEA this past weekend so we can move the old desk out of the nursery and the dresser into the nursery once it's painted. The dresser will serve as the changing table too.

I was also pretty set on that bedding I mentioned during Week 20 but my mom told me that I wouldn't be able to use the quilt during his toddler years like I previously thought we would be able to and then I didn't feel the price justified what I was really getting which was sheets and a crib skirt. All that being said, my mom is making Wesson three sets of fitted sheets and a crib skirt with her new sewing machine she got for Christmas! We picked out the fabrics this weekend and I could NOT be more excited. It is EXACTLY what I was wanting. :)

Craving: Breakfast foods and hard cider but mostly because I can't have that.

Symptoms: Back pain and heartburn.

Ryan is: Getting ready to help me nest!

Looking forward to: Nesting.

{24 Week Bumpdate}

Chalkboard Art:

Size of the Baby: 10.5-11.8 inches, 12.7-20.8 ounces - Size of a Cantaloupe
After our doctor's appointment this past week, we found out Wes was tracking at about 1 lb and 10 ounces. We love our little nugget!
Here's Wesson at our last appointment. He was chewing on his fingers.

Gender: I think it's time to start phasing this one out. He's a BOY! :)
Maternity Clothes: Even though I had to go back to work this week, it was easily done with my comfortable clothing. I have so many options now, and I am so glad!
Movement: Wesson is a wiggle worm when I sit down. He must not like that I'm crowding him when we sit, haha.
Sleep: Still sleeping fabulously, with the exception that I have wound up on my back mid-sleep. Ryan has been waking me up trying to get me to flip over. I've also been getting up pretty consistently around 3 am to pee each night, which is of course wonderful. Going to try to take in more water during the morning/early afternoon and start tapering off in the evening. I hope that helps!
Missing: Notta. Thank goodness.
Nursery: Nothing new.
Craving: Nothing. Glad for this.
Symptoms: Well, the heartburn just keeps getting better, and I have been breaking out like crazy lately. I didn't realize how wonderful having my acne under control was until I got pregnant.
Ryan is: loving feeling Wesson moving around. We loved seeing him at our sonogram appointment this past week. It was so surreal!
Looking forward to: getting the nursery together, feeling Wesson move, getting things together on the home front, and prepping for parenthood!
Best Moments: As I was sitting in the bathtub this past week, Wesson was kicking and it kind of seemed like a scene from Jurassic Park when T-Rex is coming and they can see the ripples in the water. It was pretty funny and crazy to see and feel that.

{23 Week Bumpdate}

Chalkboard Art:

Size of the Baby: 10.5-11.8 inches and 12.7-20.8 ounces - Size of a Grapefruit
Gender: Baby Boy - Christopher Wesson
Maternity Clothes: Rockin' anything and everything maternity. I love stretchy pants and maternity shirts. :)
Movement: Little Wes is moving like crazy. Ryan has started being able to feel him from the outside.
Sleep: Like a rock.
Missing: Alcohol - since this was New Year's Eve weekend I really wanted to celebrate with some champagne, but since I'm growing a little nugget it's totally worth it.
Nursery: Still haven't painted the walls, but we're going to soon!
Craving: Notta.
Symptoms: Heartburn to the max. :( Not a fan.
Ryan is: starting to feel Wes from the outside. I love how excited his face gets every time he feels our baby move.
Looking forward to: feeling Wes more and more.
Best Moments: feeling Wes and enjoying the relaxation of Winter Break. It will be gone too quickly.
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