{21 Week Bumpdate/22 Week Bumpdate}

{21 Week/22 Week Bumpdate}
Well, since last week we were wrapping up the end of school and then I started being vacay Tay I let this little bumpdate slip by without even realizing it. So, lucky you, you get a two-fer!

Week 21

Week 22

Chalkboard Art:
Week 21

Week 22

My talented husband drew us some Christmas Border Collies this week. :)

Size of the Baby: Week 21 - 10.5 inches, 12.7 ounces - Size of a pomegranate

Week 22 - l0.5 - 11.8 inches, 12.7 - 20.8 ounces - Size of a Papaya
It's crazy to believe in the next 1-3 weeks our little boy will weigh a whole pound! We get to see him next Monday, so we'll get a better idea of how he's measuring, but it's still mind blowing that he's getting bigger and bigger.

Gender: Still a boy - Christopher Wesson ;)

Maternity Clothes: Enjoying the stretchy pants mom got for me, and since we're officially on Winter Break and Vacay Tay is back I've been lounging in mostly jeans, pj pants, loose shirts and yoga pants. I can't say it's been terrible. My mom gave me some maternity tops I can wear into the spring for Christmas that I'm really excited about and Ryan's mom gave me a cute jean tunic type shirt that will be great with leggings and can also be worn into the spring. I'm not going to lie... maternity clothes rock. They are comfortable and cute, and really flattering for my expanding belly.

Movement: Wesson was pretty quiet last week. I felt him a little in the classroom when I sat on the floor with my kids, or in a student sized chair, he didn't seem to be overly fond of it and he squirmed around. Otherwise, the only other time I've really felt him has been at the gym when we walked on the treadmill and did the elliptical. Sweet boy must be tired from all that growing he's doing!

He has been especially squirmy this week though. I felt him a ton on Christmas day and Ryan is starting to feel him more. He gave Daddy a big kick the other night before bed. In the bath I watch my stomach when I start feeling him move around hoping to catch glimpses of him making my belly move. Nothing yet, but I know we'll start to see that soon.

Sleep: Have been sleeping pretty well! Nothing to complain about.

Missing: Laying on my back to sleep and cider beer, but I'd hardly call that something complain-worthy.

Nursery: Ryan and I picked out paint for the nursery last weekend and Ryan painted a swatch on the wall for us to decide if we like it. We love it, of course. It's a light grey. If I haven't said it enough, I am so thankful for this sweet man of mine. He won't let me help because he doesn't want me inhaling the fumes. It's pretty sweet. Our carpets were cleaned two weeks ago too, and look fabulous! It has been fun to sit in Wesson's empty room and decide where we will put things. I love walking this journey with my wonderful husband.

Craving: Nothing specific.

Symptoms: Lower back pain and still enjoying that beautiful heartburn. I'm hoping that is a symptom that starts to dissipate rather quickly.

Ryan is: enjoying "nesting" with me as we get Wesson's nursery ready. Even though we're only just over halfway we know it'll fly by.

Looking forward to: setting up the nursery even more, getting some of the things we registered for, and preparing for our lives to be forever changed by our little man. It feels so incredibly real now.

Best Moments: While I wish I could say registering for Wesson was absolutely the most fun we've ever had, it was mainly super overwhelming. We were so grateful the Buy, Buy Baby workers were so helpful on the big items. Our lady was VERY knowledgable and had an answer to every question we asked. When it came time to register for the smaller, but still very important items, like bottles, pacifiers, and anything else like that we were completely stumped. I hadn't done any research about what bottles are best or anything like that so we picked one or two and just moved on or didn't register for anything at that time. Any suggestions from my mom friends are more than welcome!

I was rather impressed though with Ryan's skills at opening and shutting the different baby contraptions and for figuring out how to work them really quickly. He's a stud.

I am really loving this time of my pregnancy. I feel Wesson often, I'm getting bigger and have a defined bump so people don't just think I'm carrying holiday weight, maternity clothes are super comfy and cute, I don't feel so bad about all the holiday sweets I've guzzled (though I should probably slow down in the consumption of such items), and it's starting to feel very real that Ryan and I are going to become parents. I'm still very nervous, but mostly excited for our little baby to arrive. Christmas made it much more real when we thought, "Wow... this time next year we'll have an 8 month old!" Mind blown.

Time's a flyin', y'all!

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