{16 Week Bumpdate}

{16 Week Bumpdate}

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Size of the baby: Avocado - 4.6 inches, 3.5 ounces

Gender: 20 days until we find out. No more dreams about gender up to this point either. Be sure to cast your vote on the sidebar to the right. :)

Maternity Clothes: Most of my pre-pregnancy pants are no longer actually fitting unless they have a stretchy waistband. Some of my pants with stronger zippers are keeping my pants together, though, so I can still wear them. Most of the time I wear them with a rubber band to keep them shut, my Belly Band, or just give in and wear the maternity clothes. I did buy two pairs of maternity jeans, and some maternity black pants from Old Navy. The jeans have a low band, not the one that goes all the way up your belly, and they are SO comfortable. I am pleased!

Movement: I have been feeling what can only be described as "pressure" in different places in my tummy at different times. Some people have said perhaps I'm feeling "fluttering", but I'm not 100% sure it's that. I would like to think so though! It's unlike anything I've ever felt before, so that's likely what it is, but I'm looking forward to the movements becoming more regular and knowing for sure what they are. Baby Nabs definitely didn't like me laying on my tummy at the gym the other day. Must have been crowding the Naby!

Sleep: I have been sleeping really well now that I have given in to the power of the snoogle. :) I do unfortunately still wake up in the middle of the night because I have to go to the restroom.

Missing: Not really missing anything except my old waistline. :)

Nursery: We've looked at a couple of things for the nursery, but everything will be easier to decide when we know if Naby is a he or a she. Mama McD is getting us a glider for Christmas, so we have been looking at gliders and trying to find one we like without breaking the bank. Easier said than done; they are expensive!

Craving: I wouldn't say I've been dying to have anything particular, but I'm nearly certain I could eat breakfast for dinner every single night, or at least eggs, bacon, and french toast. However, and Ryan can attest to this, I would have done that even before I was pregnant. Haha.

Symptoms: Other than my growing belly, my skin has been drier which is normal due to the cold weather and because my skin on my belly is apparently getting thinner as Naby gets bigger. I am no longer really congested like I was last week, and I'm feeling way more up to being active. I still pretty much crash on the weekends. Sunday I practically slept the entire day and had no problem sleeping through the night like I anticipated.

Ryan is: still counting down the days until he finds out whether we will have a daughter or a son. It's weird saying things like that, but it makes it feel even more real. He's been talking to Baby Nabs because he or she was able to start hearing things, so they have nearly nightly conversations which is of course adorable. He's going to be such a good Dad! I am a lucky wife.

Looking forward to: seeing Naby get bigger and bigger, and finding out whether it's a she or he! We're having a gender reveal on December 8th for our family and some friends. I can't wait to share the news with them either. I'm also looking forward to starting the nesting process with the nursery. We're hoping our landlord will clean our carpets before we start moving things into that room so we have fresh paint on the walls and clean floors to work with! There's nothing like a fresh start to get you excited for the future!

Best Moments: I have enjoyed my 2nd trimester so far so much better than the first. I feel more like myself, and haven't been nearly as sick. I've even been up to working out several times a week. I am also not eating like a crazy person which is nice because I still feel some sanity and control over my body. I will have no problem giving into the hunger when it strikes, though. It's my job to feed our growing babe and one I am grateful to have. Other than than, I have adored praying with Ryan for our babe and seeing him talk to my growing belly. My heart feels so full this week.

Since I'm a little behind, today marks Week 17, so be on the lookout for a blogpost for the 17 Week Bumpdate soon!

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