{17 Week Bumpdate}

{17 Weeks}

Chalkboard Art: 

Size of the Baby: Onion - 5.1 Inches, 5.9 ounces
Gender: 14 days until we find out!

Maternity Clothes: The only non-maternity bottoms I can still fit into are my PJ pants, some workout pants, and my blue jean shorts as proved by this weekend's visit to Key West to see Ry's cousin get married. Otherwise, I have totally embraced my maternity low band jeans and black pants, and am very much into leggings, oversized shirts/sweaters, and all things loose and flowy.

Movement: I'm still not 100% sure if I'm feeling kicks, but I'm feeling some "fluttering" that people talk about. The best way to describe it is that it feels sort of like gas, but isn't that at all. :) I think I felt a definitive kick today, but it was just once and Naby stopped kicking or punching.

Sleep: I have been sleeping really well. I get sore being on one side too long as in my side just gets a little achey. I had to forgo sleeping with the snoogle this weekend while we were in Key West, but I substituted with a couple pillows. They were not nearly as good as the snoogle.

Missing: I am pleased to say nothing. Not a dang thing. This weekend at the wedding they offered brie and raspberry puff pastry bites, and I really wished I could have one of those, but I wasn't beside myself at the loss.

Nursery: Mom and I are going to check out Nebraska Furniture Mart on Wednesday to see if we can find any good gliders or maybe something that might go on Black Friday sale, so we hope to have some good luck. Wish us luck!

Craving: Still nothing. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving food, though!

Symptoms: My abdomen area felt like I had done a hard work out at the beginning of this week, but has since relaxed. Naby is getting crowded in there and needs some space. Hello expanding belly.

Ryan is: already very in love with our little Naby. He practiced with his cousins' kiddos this weekend and, I must say, was quite a natural. He's going to be such a great Daddy. I am such a lucky girl.

Looking forward to: 1) finding out the sex of the baby (DUH!), 2) hopefully finding a glider at Nebraska Furniture Mart this week, and 3) introducing Baby Nabs to Thanksgiving tasties! Hopefully I won't feel weird like I did a bit this weekend and not feel like eating.

Best Moments: Seeing Ry talk to our baby and kiss it hasn't gotten old yet. It still makes me melt. This weekend I truly felt pregnant at the wedding when we were dancing. Baby Nabs was sitting directly on my bladder and despite my efforts to get my groove on, Baby Nabs insisted that too much bouncing would only lead to my needing to use the restroom more.

{16 Week Bumpdate}

{16 Week Bumpdate}

Chalkboard Art:

Size of the baby: Avocado - 4.6 inches, 3.5 ounces

Gender: 20 days until we find out. No more dreams about gender up to this point either. Be sure to cast your vote on the sidebar to the right. :)

Maternity Clothes: Most of my pre-pregnancy pants are no longer actually fitting unless they have a stretchy waistband. Some of my pants with stronger zippers are keeping my pants together, though, so I can still wear them. Most of the time I wear them with a rubber band to keep them shut, my Belly Band, or just give in and wear the maternity clothes. I did buy two pairs of maternity jeans, and some maternity black pants from Old Navy. The jeans have a low band, not the one that goes all the way up your belly, and they are SO comfortable. I am pleased!

Movement: I have been feeling what can only be described as "pressure" in different places in my tummy at different times. Some people have said perhaps I'm feeling "fluttering", but I'm not 100% sure it's that. I would like to think so though! It's unlike anything I've ever felt before, so that's likely what it is, but I'm looking forward to the movements becoming more regular and knowing for sure what they are. Baby Nabs definitely didn't like me laying on my tummy at the gym the other day. Must have been crowding the Naby!

Sleep: I have been sleeping really well now that I have given in to the power of the snoogle. :) I do unfortunately still wake up in the middle of the night because I have to go to the restroom.

Missing: Not really missing anything except my old waistline. :)

Nursery: We've looked at a couple of things for the nursery, but everything will be easier to decide when we know if Naby is a he or a she. Mama McD is getting us a glider for Christmas, so we have been looking at gliders and trying to find one we like without breaking the bank. Easier said than done; they are expensive!

Craving: I wouldn't say I've been dying to have anything particular, but I'm nearly certain I could eat breakfast for dinner every single night, or at least eggs, bacon, and french toast. However, and Ryan can attest to this, I would have done that even before I was pregnant. Haha.

Symptoms: Other than my growing belly, my skin has been drier which is normal due to the cold weather and because my skin on my belly is apparently getting thinner as Naby gets bigger. I am no longer really congested like I was last week, and I'm feeling way more up to being active. I still pretty much crash on the weekends. Sunday I practically slept the entire day and had no problem sleeping through the night like I anticipated.

Ryan is: still counting down the days until he finds out whether we will have a daughter or a son. It's weird saying things like that, but it makes it feel even more real. He's been talking to Baby Nabs because he or she was able to start hearing things, so they have nearly nightly conversations which is of course adorable. He's going to be such a good Dad! I am a lucky wife.

Looking forward to: seeing Naby get bigger and bigger, and finding out whether it's a she or he! We're having a gender reveal on December 8th for our family and some friends. I can't wait to share the news with them either. I'm also looking forward to starting the nesting process with the nursery. We're hoping our landlord will clean our carpets before we start moving things into that room so we have fresh paint on the walls and clean floors to work with! There's nothing like a fresh start to get you excited for the future!

Best Moments: I have enjoyed my 2nd trimester so far so much better than the first. I feel more like myself, and haven't been nearly as sick. I've even been up to working out several times a week. I am also not eating like a crazy person which is nice because I still feel some sanity and control over my body. I will have no problem giving into the hunger when it strikes, though. It's my job to feed our growing babe and one I am grateful to have. Other than than, I have adored praying with Ryan for our babe and seeing him talk to my growing belly. My heart feels so full this week.

Since I'm a little behind, today marks Week 17, so be on the lookout for a blogpost for the 17 Week Bumpdate soon!

{15 Week Bumpdate}

15 Week Bumpdate

Size of the baby: Navel Orange - 4.0 inches and 2.5 ounces
This is as compared to a hand, so about the size of my palm. :)

Gender: Still unknown. We had our 16 week appointment today and our OBGYN, who is wonderful by the way, tried to help us out and see if we could catch a sneak peek today. She got us in for a quick, unofficial sono, but the stinker had the cord between his or her legs and wasn't moving around much so we'll have to wait until our next appointment which is 4 agonizing weeks away on December 7th! Cast your votes now! Take the poll on the right!
Maternity Clothes: Still rocking mostly my pre-pregnancy clothes. Still fitting into my "fat" jeans which is nice to not have to have bought any pregnancy jeans yet, but as the bump is bound to pop out soon I know that is certainly coming! Lose things definitely feel the most comfortable too. Thank goodness it's fall in Texas!

Movement: I am so anxious with not being able to feel our baby moving around that I get paranoid every time I feel something strange. I am eager to feel our baby kicking around in there, but am trying to enjoy each week as it comes.

Sleep: I have slept SO WELL this week. The snoogle and I a have become one and I am no longer trying to break free of it's grip. That or I've just admitted to myself, and now all of you, that sleeping with the snoogle has made me the slightest bit more comfortable. Just the slightest bit. I hear it gets better. ;) The only part of sleeping I don't love is having to get up EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in the middle of the night to pee.
Story. Of. My. Life.
Missing: Nothing really. I am grateful!

Craving: Still no cravings, and haven't been eating ravenously either. Naby and I are just relaxing this week. :)

Symptoms: I was hoping my morning sickness was nearly gone, but then I hurled... in my car. Thank goodness for my idea to put trash bags in my center console and the shoulder of the highway in traffic. Luckily, that was just one day out of the week that I felt bad, so maybe it is subsiding after all!

Ryan is: anxious to find out the sex of the baby. Me too, man, me too!

Looking forward to: seeing a real "baby bump" in the next few weeks and feeling movement from Naby!

Best Moments: I held up a raspberry I was eating the other day and had to stop in awe that not too long ago our Naby was that big, and it's 4x that big now. I don't know how you can't believe in God when you see a baby grow. He is so good! I am learning to trust Him with our child while he or she is growing. Because I can't feel him or her yet, I get so anxious anytime I feel something out of the ordinary and Ryan has to reassure me that the Lord is knitting our baby together perfectly and that I need to trust and be calm in that peace. It is so hard some days!

{14 Week Bumpdate}

Since releasing the news that we are pregnant I have been excited to do this little segment on my blog... especially because it's been something basically non-existent these days. I'm hoping that blogging about this will keep me motivated to blog more often! Without further ado - the Bumpdates!

14 Week Bumpdate

Size of the baby: Lemon - 3.4 inches. Ryan and I were at Target on Thursday and I held a lemon up to my tummy. It was a little surreal that something that small or large (however you look at it) is in there!

Gender: Currently unknown, but you better believe we are counting down the weeks until we can find out what Baby Nabs will be! It's crazy to think that whatever it is, it's already growing the important female or male anatomy. God is amazing in His creation.

Maternity Clothes: Ryan let me buy 4 things from H&M's maternity brand called MAMA and they arrived yesterday! I got two dresses that will be good for everyday wear or can be dressed up for nicer events like the wedding we're going to in November. Other than that I'm wearing mostly lose fitting shirts which are conveniently in style and stretchy pants, though some of my pre-preggy pants are still fitting especially when I wear my belly band and don't have to button them. :)

Movement: There are times I think I'm feeling something, or I get uncomfortable for a brief moment, but it's still too early to REALLY feel anything. Though, I'm nearly certain as I was leaning over for something in my classroom the other day I got kicked or punched. 

Sleep: 2 weeks ago Ryan bought me a snoogle since you're technically not supposed to sleep on your back after the 1st trimester. I'm still getting used to practically having a 3rd person in the bed with us, and this week I've noticed that I wake up somehow on my back, but I think it'll get more and more comfortable as I expand. I had my first weird dream last night, and had my first dream about the sex of our baby. Conveniently Ryan had a dream about the sex of our baby. Unfortunately, his was a girl and mine was a boy. Lucky for us, one of us will be right!

Missing: The only thing I'm really missing is raw fish like in sushi, but since I can have sushi that doesn't contain that (and there is actually quite a bit of that!) I don't really miss it.

Craving: I haven't really had cravings, mainly aversions. I have had some things that have sounded pretty dang good like curried deviled eggs from Sissy's Southern Kitchen, and my mom's potato salad, but nothing that I had to have or I would die.

Symptoms: Still having a morning sickness periodically even though I'm taking medicine at night to try to put those symptoms at bay. Otherwise feeling great and way more energized than the first trimester.

Ryan is: still really excited that we are pregnant and anxious to find out the sex of the baby.

Looking forward to: finding out what our little love bug is: boy or girl! Cast your votes now. :) Also looking forward to feeling movement in the next few weeks and sharing that joy with Ry. 

Best Moments: Most nights Ryan tucks me in because I go to sleep pretty early these days and he kisses me then the baby, aka my belly, goodnight. It is so stinking sweet.

These weeks seem to be flying by! I can't believe we're already in the 2nd trimester. Thank you for all the support we've received over the past few weeks. We are so grateful!
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