{Training Slump}

I have a firm belief in the fact that the hardest part of a training program is starting. I can count three times I've talked myself into training for the Dallas Marathon in the past 6 months, created or found a training plan to fit the weeks I could train, wrote those dates on the calendar, and then jumped ship. It's not that I can't do the running, it's just that starting and maintaining consistency is the hardest part... for me at least. Am I alone here?

So, I'm posting here in an effort to keep me accountable to training for the Dallas Half Marathon. I think I've blogged about it here before, but the Dallas Half was the first half marathon race and distance run I ever competed in. I loved training for it and stuck with the training, and came out ready to sign up for another race.

After training for the Dallas Half, I signed up for the Rock N' Roll Half and got rather lackadaisical with my training. I walked/ran/dragged myself through the grueling 13.1 miles. IT. WAS. BRUTAL. But I finished and then after many months of being lazy, I decided to train for a Half Ironman, and well we all know I finished that bad boy. :) I don't think training for that was as difficult for me to start because I was really excited to conquer that challenge. However, that logic didn't work for me with wanting to train for a marathon.

So, here I am without time to train for the Dallas Marathon on December 13th, 2015, but plenty of time to train for the half marathon. I've done the normal song and dance of putting the training on my calendar, mapping out my long miles, and scouring the internet for new roads and trails to conquer my miles on, but still I don't feel 100% motivated.

While I'm feeling lazy, I'm going to try to press on and just cross off one day of training at a time, and those 18 weeks of training are sure to fly by. I think I'll try to add excitement by working on some of those new trails I've found, and trying to find a group to run with. Running with friends is better right, AND they hold you accountable right? Theoretically. :)

Say no to the laziness.

What do you do when you get in a training slump?
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