{The Need for Physical Proof}

I have been studying the book of John in my daily devotional which has sadly become less daily than I would like. That is my conviction, and I hope you'll help keep me accountable in spending time with the Lord daily. A couple of other blogs I was reading introduced me to She Reads Truth, a devotional designed by, and dedicated to women in Christ. I was intrigued and so my friend Jasmine and I bought the John study and have been working mostly independently through the series.

This morning while reading John 4, I read John 4:41 and John 4:48.

These verses come after Jesus has had one on one conversations with two people; the first a Samaritan woman, and the second a royal official in Cana in Galilee. Both versus struck me as very sad this morning. I feel like Jesus says them and is deflated because they need physical evidence that Jesus is who he says he is. For the Samaritan woman, Jesus told her about her own life, and for the royal official, Jesus healed his dying son miles away from where the son lay.

Both miracles created more believers in Christ, which I believe any Christian would say is a good thing. It is, and I don't discredit that. What made me sad though, was the fact that our society hasn't evolved in this need for physical evidence as much as we would like to argue we are different from the people in Jesus' time.

News flash: we are not different. We are all human, and are still flawed in the need to have everything instantly and its existence justified. In fact, I might go as far as to argue that because we live in such an instant gratification world of getting everything from clothes to facts at the touch of our smartphone, and the limitless selection we have, we may be worse off than our ancestors. Take coffee for example. Not only can I choose from Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, or QT (to name a few) for my daily joe, I have each one of them insisting their product is better through their justified reasoning. And that's JUST coffee. What if we looked at cell phones? I guarantee you can turn on the TV and see a commercial for some smart phone in less than 10 minutes. Try it.

So, how do we combat the need for proof and evidence of our Savior? I can only hope that staying in the word, praying for eyes that see Him without the flash and flair, ears to distinguish His voice from all the noise in our world, and a heart so in tune with His that it aches to be close to Him and pounds when He is near will help me to live out Hebrews 11:1.

Doesn't the Lord delight in our ability to see Him without having to SEE something? I'd like to think that's where this verse comes from.

I know that because I am human there are going to be days where I am on my knees after being knocked down repeated that I cry out to the Lord to show me He is near. I have no doubt that the Lord will humble me when I become too big for my britches. I am a flawed human, and am in no way saying that I don't crave justification, but I hope that when it matters my foundation is strong and rooted.

In a world that screams, "Look at me! Look at me! I can prove I am worthy of your praise and adoration!", may the Lord give us the gift of discernment, and the anchor of truth in our hearts to not have to see proof, but to know He is there.

Just some thoughts. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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