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When we officially booked our trip the Dominican Republic, I downloaded the Dreamdays app, a countdown app, to a) track the time until our trip, and b) hopefully motivate me to get beach body ready.

This is what the app looks like in iTunes.

I highly recommend it. Everything is so pretty and dreamy. :)

Thankfully, the app DID keep me motivated. I think summer school helped too because I really had to pack what I needed for lunch the day before and take it with me. While I haven't weighed myself, because we don't currently have a scale, I can without a doubt tell I have slimmed down. For one, my pants size has dropped from a loose 8 to a semi-loose 6. In fact, I bought these cute Old Navy jean shorts and 2 weeks later, they didn't fit and I had to go get a smaller size.

My exercise hasn't changed very drastically, as I have been and am still pretty active. Between yoga, walking the border collies, running, Power Barre, BvB football practice in 100+ degree temps, softball,  kickball, and the occasional full practice swim with my swim team kids I like to be moving.

What has changed is what I'm putting into my body. During the week (Monday - Thursday) I've been eating/drinking a lot of healthy green smoothies. While they look displeasing to the eye (to some), they sure are tasty in my opinion, and who can say no to all those healthy greens? What an easy way to get my veggies in. I've also been eating a lot of fresh ingredients, fruits, and less processed foods. I've cut my beloved pasta intake down to a mere once a week, and when I do eat it I generally lean towards the whole grain pasta option with less processed sauce. (I really should start making my own pasta sauce.) I try to stay away from bread and empty carbs in general. I even got a little adventurous and made homemade mashed sweet potatoes. It was super easy AND DELICIOUS! I used olive oil and salt and pepper, and threw them into my food processor. So good! I would add a teeny bit of brown sugar for added sweetness if you need want more a sweeter addition.

Here are my smoothie recipes:

I can't really take credit for the Sweet Greens Recipe because Buzzfeed featured a dietician and she said this was the smoothie she made daily... for the most part. Hers calls for greek yogurt which I am not a fan of, turmeric, cinnamon and nutmeg. I made it with the spices originally, but I liked the sweeter taste of the pineapple better without the spices. They definitely give it a different flavor.

So, between the better eating, exercise, and smoothies I have trimmed quite a bit. I feel better, more energized, lighter and more cheerful. What sealed the deal for me was the way I've improved in my running and endurance in classes. I ran a mile in 9:48 last night. With both border collies! I am so proud of myself for sticking with this healthy eating goal, that I am without a doubt going to continue after our vacation.

Why after our vacation, you ask? Well, let's be honest... we're going to an all-inclusive resort which means I'll be enjoying the island cocktails whenever I please, indulging myself in guacamole, and of course breakfast which really means bacon!! I'm not going to go overload or crazy and flush all my hard work out the window, of course, but I am going to enjoy myself on vacation. :) I've even tried to convince myself I'm going to workout while I'm there. I know we'll be playing lots of sand volleyball, and maybe some Spikeball on the beach, but even if I don't actually "hit the gym" I will be getting plenty of relaxation which is what I'm really looking forward to. Being a teacher is tough work, y'all! I can't wait for my REAL vacation to start.

Until next time, I'll raise a piƱa colada for you.

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