{Work It Wednesday: Power Barre & 30 Day Yoga Challenge}

Wednesday's seemed like they needed a little pazzazzing, so I decided to start something new called Work It Wednesday for whatever sassy, up and moving things I happen to be participating in!

With school getting a little more manageable, I am settling back into an almost normal workout routine, and trying to get my body back in to some sort of swimsuit season shape.  As I was reading Tracy's blog, I was pumped to find out she participates in a little something called Sunday Sweats.  Yours truly will be hopping on the bandwagon and joining in on the fun too!  I'm excited to participate because I'm hoping it's going to help me track my workouts and keep me more accountable.  I even created a spreadsheet to track my workouts!  #nerdalert ;)

Today is dedicated to telling y'all about the new fun workouts in my life as of this week!

Monday // Power Barre
Lo and I took this sweet barre class at the city rec center Monday night and were hooked!  We signed up to participate through the end of May for now, and hopefully well into the summer!  I had been wanting to try a barre class for some time now, but Pure Barre is a bit out of my price range even for a 1 time trial pass.  Yes, I'm cheap.  However, the rec class was free to try and will only cost $8 a class from here on out.  TAKE THAT $20 single pass pure barre class.

The workout was fabulous!  Within 5 minutes of warming up, we knew we were in for a Sweatfest.  I loved the class because it was a full body work out, worked several muscles I apparently have not been, and it was fast paced which I like.  Not to mention Lo was there which made working out even more fun.  The workout incorporates basic workout principals with ballet techniques and some movements.

We deduced our instructor is clearly an ex-ballerina by her build and her technique.  She had fabulous form!  For a while I felt like the fat hippo from Fantasia trying to do ballet moves, but I was laughing and having a great time I didn't even care, and eventually got the hang of it.

Tuesday // Yoga
Tracy's blog introduced me to another fabulous find -- the 30 Day Yoga Challenge by Erin Motz on doyouyoga.com.  It's totally free, quick, Erin is highly knowledgeable, and so fun to do.  I have done a few yoga classes, but have been wanting to get into more yoga because it's supposed to be so good for runners and multi-sport athletes, not to mention nearly all yoga instagrams makes me want to be a yogini.  Is that the proper term?  I just finished Day 2 and cannot wait to do tomorrow's workout.  Will you join in on the fun?

Other than those fun new additions, I'll be continuing my running with the border collies, doing some blogilates for a change of pace, and hopefully adding some weight training back to my routine once I join a gym again.  Jetta Belle and I polished of 3 lovely miles tonight!  I am so proud of her too, because she didn't stop at all to tinkle or sniff for the first 2 miles.  After the first 2 miles, my ankle started bothering me and I allowed JB to sniff and tinkle if she felt so inclined.  (Monday I rolled my ankle running across the street at school after talking to a parent.  Hopefully it's nothing and I can shake it off quickly.)

Do you have any fun new workouts you're really enjoying?  Share them with me below!  I'm always up to try something new!

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  1. Yay for joining in on Sunday Sweats! I can't take credit for that one but it's a good one.
    I'm so, so happy you're giving Erin's 30-day yoga challenge a try!


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