{Teacher Tuesday: Testing Blues}

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

This Tuesday goes out to all my non-testing, K-2 teachers.

I. Feel. Your. Pain.

This week is officially STAAR testing week, and unless you live under a rock, my apologies, that means every student 3rd grade and up is taking the STAAR test for reading and math and potentially science and social studies for upper grades.  While STAAR adds tons of unnecessary pressure to our upper grade teachers (bless you all!) and students, it certainly isn't a walk in the park for us lower grades either.  [Note: No one said it did, I'm just simply writing from my side of the school.  I hope I am not offending anyone in the least!]

I am insanely grateful for upper grade teachers and the amounts of extra work that goes into making sure our 3-5 students are prepared for STAAR.  SO many of those teachers stayed late for tutoring and taught Saturday school nearly every Saturday since school began again in January.  They are rockstars.  Seriously.

Here's what the world looks like from inside my classroom this week through tomorrow.  I am with my kiddos from 7:55-2:55 non-stop.  No specials, no recess, no kind Teacher's Assistants and volunteers monitoring the cafeteria so I can enjoy my 30 minutes of lunchtime run around frantically prepping for my math lesson.  Nope, testing has wiped out all the extras for us Monday-Wednesday.  I just thank the LORD I'm not a Pre-K or Kinder teacher.  I don't know how they do it.  My kids are rambunctious, but those kiddos must be out of control.

As a result of our extra togetherness time, I have introduced my kiddos to the joys of The Magic School Bus.  After 1 day they were already singing along to the theme song.  I forgot how clever that show was.  It's fitting in perfectly with our science lessons right now too!  #winning

Much to everyone's excitement, STAAR will be mostly over after tomorrow minus some retakes for 5th grade reading which happen in 2 weeks.  Our kiddos still won't be able to frolic outside until K-2s ITBS and ACPs are over, but at least we'll be back to our regular specials schedule and normal lunchtime routines.

Other notables for this week and last:

  • We're planting bluebonnets on Thursday and Friday in our classrooms
  • I have ordered butterflies for us to grow (which are backordered because I didn't order them soon enough)
  • We planted hydroponic venus fly traps (that apparently aren't supposed to be full grown until 3 years LATER -- didn't tell the kids that when I read it... oooooops!)
  • We got new fish from the Environmental Center FOR FREE (8 guppies - 3 adults and 5 babies), so the Pet Patrol (most coveted job in all the jobs because you get to feed the fish) is back on the job rotation
  • Reading/Language Arts Focus: Main Idea and Sequencing
  • Math Focus: Measurement using Centimeters and Meters (last week was inches and feet and we measured our height!)
Next Tuesday is Class Picture Day.  I can't wait to share!! :)

GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU TESTING TEACHERS!!  Wishing your kids the best of luck! Show them our STAAR video that a fabulous 4th grade teacher put together here.

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