{Teacher Tuesday - Once an Armadillo, Always an Armadillo}

Let's face the cold, hard facts here. I haven't even touched this space in a long time. There's no need to make excuses, though I could try, but the point is I'm back now. So, let's get to it, shall we?

1 // The first 3 months of this year were rough - emotionally and financially.
[Cliff's Notes Version] In January, I totaled my car by smashing it into a much pricier car than mine... let's call it a Lexus (insert embarrassed face) that left Ryan and I scrambling to purchase a new one.  I ended up with this beauty, a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta, and am so happy, but not overly thrilled with how we had to go about getting it, and that now we have a car payment that was non-existent before. It only had 35,000 miles on it when we purchased it, has bluetooth, leather seats, seat warmers, and a touchscreen for radio and satellite selections, phone commands, and navigation. A huge thank you to the gentleman or lady, we assume man because of the radio/satellite presets, who tossed this beauty aside. #upgradedride

2011 Volkswagen Jetta

In February, I was gifted with a kidney stone that sent me to PrimaCare - twice, then to the emergency room. Despite fighting against going to the ER because I knew it would cost us an arm and a leg, we were persuaded to go as a possible infection was a threat. All's better now, and the stone is gone, but I wouldn't recommend getting one ... EVER. They are ridiculously painful.

Ryan lovingly took this picture and captioned it with our feelings of that Saturday.

In March, we found out we owed back in taxes when we thought we would get a refund, I got a speeding ticket (whomp whomp), and we replaced Ryan's car breaks.

The first few months of this year have been a doozy, but thankfully that changed at the end of March which leads me to the "Teacher" part of this Tuesday...

2 // Transitioning
I have accepted a new job at my old elementary school for the 2015-2016 school year. The phrase I heard growing up there was, "Once an Armadillo, Always an Armadillo". Well, that will certainly be true now! I am so excited to be closer to home, back in my old neighborhood, and at a great school. They have many tenured teachers and I look forward to learning from them and honing my teacher skills to really benefit my students. I haven't officially been told what grade I will be teaching, but it will be K-2. 2nd would obviously be my 1st choice, then 1st. Here's hoping!

I was torn between staying at my current school another year, but I'm glad I accepted the job at my old elem. school because there have been some major changes announced for next year at my current school. Changes that I think would require staff members to have a hard time juggling the work-life balance we all seek.

I will badly miss my kiddos and being a jaguar, and cannot think of a better place to start my teaching career. The school and staff have given me so much grace to learn and grow, and has presented me with many opportunities. I am grateful for an outstanding staff, that is filled with people I genuinely call friends. Each one of them has made my time at RQM so special and filled with laughter and joy.

On another note, I took my last teacher test today for my official certification. I'll find out in 2 days if I passed. FINGERS CROSSED!

3 // Running with Dogs
I have been running with Jetta and Oakley a lot since the beginning of the year. We have worked up from just a mile to 2.5 miles now. Each time Oakley Mae tries to pretend like I've nearly killed her and pants like crazy, while our runs only seem to energize Jetta Belle more. With the weather getting warmer and warmer each day here in the Lone Star State I'll either have to commit to early morning or late night runs with the girls before too long.

Other than a minor tripping incident, and Oakley still freaking out most always when other dogs bark at her or are in sight, we've got a pretty good thing going. I enjoy it so much, and highly recommend anyone who's on the fence to give it a go! Even now my girls pull a lot in the beginning, but once we settle in, about a quarter of a mile or so, we all find our pace.

Oakley Mae "dog" tired.

4 // Summertime
The countdown officially began yesterday. A teacher had this posted when the staff walked in Monday morning.

--{ 39 (school) Days or 8 Weeks }--

Can you tell our staff is excited for summer?

I'll have to do another post on potential summer plans as this one is getting quite lengthly.  Until next time, happy Tuesday!

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