{Five on FriYAY!}

So excited to be getting back to this! I certainly have missed Five on Fridays!
1 // 7 Weeks To Go
That's right people. It's officially 7 weeks until I have survived my first years as a teacher. It has been pretty memorable to say the least! I can't believe we're that close to the finish line. 

2 // Mills Made a Music Video

In case you and I don't have the pleasures of being facebook friends, a pretty fabulouse teacher at my school made a music video to our school's unofficial theme song, "Roar" by Katy Perry. Check out the great stuff here. You'll see yours truly rockin' my shades and my kiddos dancing and roaring. 

3 // Little Victories

Today during math we measured our heights. The kids had to tell me how many total inches they were, as well as, their height in feet and inches aka the standard description you would hear. While there were of course a couple that struggled several kids were able to complete the activity you and what's better... They had a blast doing it! 

4 // PPR Results

As a teacher you're required to pass a certification test in the content you want to teach and also one regarding professional behavior and responsibilities for a teacher. Before I started my first years teaching, I took the Earl Childhood (EC) - 6th grade content exam. After passing I was told I'd have to take my PPR (Professional Pedigogy and Responsibility) exam later in the year which I wtskked about Tuesday. The results came back today and I... PASSED! Praise the LORD! I am one step closer to being a fully certified teacher. 

5 // Crawfish & Lake

Ryan and I promptly headed down to the lake after work today because tomorrow some of our tori ends and Ry's parents will celebrate Ryan's birthday a little early eith a crawfish boil.  It's currently raining, but maybe the rain will pour tonight and be long gone for tomorrow's festivities. Think happy thoughts for our bash won't you?

So much winning requires some serious fist action.

What's your Five on Friday?


  1. That video was so cute!

    You will always remember your first year teaching, I compare my first year with any other time I have taught. I still remember all the kids, and everything I did that year.

    Congrats on passing your test!!

  2. Hope your crawfish boil went on as planned today! I've yet to really have any crawfish yet this season, and am definitely craving some, especially now.

    And just letting you know, I'm stopping by from Five on Friday.

  3. Ahh congrats on almost being finished with your first year of teaching!


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