{Sunday Sweats: 4/20-4/25}

Happy Sunday all!

I am so excited to start this today, and excited that it's been such a full week!

Monday // Power Barre
Went to my first Power Barre class with Lo and was hooked.  I looked like a fool at times, but sweated like a beast and am floored to go back tomorrow!

Tuesday // Yoga
Tuesday I started Erin Motz's 30 Day Yoga Challenge and love it.  The quick workouts have been good to help my body work different muscles, and stretch out from my runs.  I can already feel my body tightening up in places and look forward to hopefully seeing a nice transformation.  Now I know why so many people say yoga is so good for your body.

Wednesday // Running, Walking, & Yoga
Took Jetta Belle out for a lovely 3 mile run, then grabbed Oakley Mae and Ry and headed out for another mile walk.  Whichever girl doesn't get to go on the run whines the whole time so it's only fair that I pick her up and go for a walk with my girls, and sometimes Ry, after I've done work with my run.  Started out strong, but had a little pain in the ankle in the last mile.  After walking I did some yoga for chest and shoulders.

Thursday // Yoga
We were supposed to have kickball Thursday night, but with all the gross rain we've had lately it was canceled.  Luckily, I did a little posture work through this yoga day which I desperately need.  I've always been a bit of a sloucher, so I am grateful to have something targeting my posture.  Y'all, it's so doable and my hammies are tight, tight, tight from running.  Anyone can do these workouts!

Friday // Yoga
After a long work week and the crappy, crappy weather, running was not on my agenda, but I did decide to do some ab yoga this day and practice my crow posture.  The ab workout was seriously hard, but Erin is very encouraging the whole way, and the entire workout was only 15 minutes.  I fell nearly a dozen times trying to capture the photo, but it was worth a laugh and I'm getting stronger, so that's a win all around!

Saturday // Running, Walking, & Yoga
Took Oakley Mae out for a quick one miler, picked Jetta Belle up for another .75 of a mile, and then cranked out a core strength yoga work out.  My ankle was still bothering me quite a bit, but it felt good to run in the sun with my girls.  I'd say it was a successful day!

I started the yoga challenge and have yet to miss a day, which is unlike me.  I thought I wouldn't enjoy yoga, but I am already noticing the affects it is having on my body, and I can't wait to see if any body transformation is in store a result.  In the past I thought if I didn't get a good sweat going I wasn't doing anything significant, but yoga is NO JOKE!

I am sore, sore, sore.  Hopefully, I'll push past the soreness and my body will start to become comfortable in the discomfort.  My rolled ankle proved to be a bit of a problem this week with running.  I hope with the ice and rest I used this week that I'll be back to normal for this weeks runs.  I'm hoping to tackle a 5 miler this week if the sun ever decides to shine this upcoming week!

I am also feeling a little sluggish despite all my workouts this week as I don't really have something to train for.  I need to pick a sprint or olympic distance triathlon to train for for this summer in Texas.  Preferably something local since Ry won't have the luxury of being off and thus has limited time off.

I think next week I'll start tracking my weight loss, but I am excited to see where this new journey takes me.  What keeps you motivated when your body says ouch?

Happy Sunday!

{Work It Wednesday: Power Barre & 30 Day Yoga Challenge}

Wednesday's seemed like they needed a little pazzazzing, so I decided to start something new called Work It Wednesday for whatever sassy, up and moving things I happen to be participating in!

With school getting a little more manageable, I am settling back into an almost normal workout routine, and trying to get my body back in to some sort of swimsuit season shape.  As I was reading Tracy's blog, I was pumped to find out she participates in a little something called Sunday Sweats.  Yours truly will be hopping on the bandwagon and joining in on the fun too!  I'm excited to participate because I'm hoping it's going to help me track my workouts and keep me more accountable.  I even created a spreadsheet to track my workouts!  #nerdalert ;)

Today is dedicated to telling y'all about the new fun workouts in my life as of this week!

Monday // Power Barre
Lo and I took this sweet barre class at the city rec center Monday night and were hooked!  We signed up to participate through the end of May for now, and hopefully well into the summer!  I had been wanting to try a barre class for some time now, but Pure Barre is a bit out of my price range even for a 1 time trial pass.  Yes, I'm cheap.  However, the rec class was free to try and will only cost $8 a class from here on out.  TAKE THAT $20 single pass pure barre class.

The workout was fabulous!  Within 5 minutes of warming up, we knew we were in for a Sweatfest.  I loved the class because it was a full body work out, worked several muscles I apparently have not been, and it was fast paced which I like.  Not to mention Lo was there which made working out even more fun.  The workout incorporates basic workout principals with ballet techniques and some movements.

We deduced our instructor is clearly an ex-ballerina by her build and her technique.  She had fabulous form!  For a while I felt like the fat hippo from Fantasia trying to do ballet moves, but I was laughing and having a great time I didn't even care, and eventually got the hang of it.

Tuesday // Yoga
Tracy's blog introduced me to another fabulous find -- the 30 Day Yoga Challenge by Erin Motz on doyouyoga.com.  It's totally free, quick, Erin is highly knowledgeable, and so fun to do.  I have done a few yoga classes, but have been wanting to get into more yoga because it's supposed to be so good for runners and multi-sport athletes, not to mention nearly all yoga instagrams makes me want to be a yogini.  Is that the proper term?  I just finished Day 2 and cannot wait to do tomorrow's workout.  Will you join in on the fun?

Other than those fun new additions, I'll be continuing my running with the border collies, doing some blogilates for a change of pace, and hopefully adding some weight training back to my routine once I join a gym again.  Jetta Belle and I polished of 3 lovely miles tonight!  I am so proud of her too, because she didn't stop at all to tinkle or sniff for the first 2 miles.  After the first 2 miles, my ankle started bothering me and I allowed JB to sniff and tinkle if she felt so inclined.  (Monday I rolled my ankle running across the street at school after talking to a parent.  Hopefully it's nothing and I can shake it off quickly.)

Do you have any fun new workouts you're really enjoying?  Share them with me below!  I'm always up to try something new!

{Teacher Tuesday: Testing Blues}

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

This Tuesday goes out to all my non-testing, K-2 teachers.

I. Feel. Your. Pain.

This week is officially STAAR testing week, and unless you live under a rock, my apologies, that means every student 3rd grade and up is taking the STAAR test for reading and math and potentially science and social studies for upper grades.  While STAAR adds tons of unnecessary pressure to our upper grade teachers (bless you all!) and students, it certainly isn't a walk in the park for us lower grades either.  [Note: No one said it did, I'm just simply writing from my side of the school.  I hope I am not offending anyone in the least!]

I am insanely grateful for upper grade teachers and the amounts of extra work that goes into making sure our 3-5 students are prepared for STAAR.  SO many of those teachers stayed late for tutoring and taught Saturday school nearly every Saturday since school began again in January.  They are rockstars.  Seriously.

Here's what the world looks like from inside my classroom this week through tomorrow.  I am with my kiddos from 7:55-2:55 non-stop.  No specials, no recess, no kind Teacher's Assistants and volunteers monitoring the cafeteria so I can enjoy my 30 minutes of lunchtime run around frantically prepping for my math lesson.  Nope, testing has wiped out all the extras for us Monday-Wednesday.  I just thank the LORD I'm not a Pre-K or Kinder teacher.  I don't know how they do it.  My kids are rambunctious, but those kiddos must be out of control.

As a result of our extra togetherness time, I have introduced my kiddos to the joys of The Magic School Bus.  After 1 day they were already singing along to the theme song.  I forgot how clever that show was.  It's fitting in perfectly with our science lessons right now too!  #winning

Much to everyone's excitement, STAAR will be mostly over after tomorrow minus some retakes for 5th grade reading which happen in 2 weeks.  Our kiddos still won't be able to frolic outside until K-2s ITBS and ACPs are over, but at least we'll be back to our regular specials schedule and normal lunchtime routines.

Other notables for this week and last:

  • We're planting bluebonnets on Thursday and Friday in our classrooms
  • I have ordered butterflies for us to grow (which are backordered because I didn't order them soon enough)
  • We planted hydroponic venus fly traps (that apparently aren't supposed to be full grown until 3 years LATER -- didn't tell the kids that when I read it... oooooops!)
  • We got new fish from the Environmental Center FOR FREE (8 guppies - 3 adults and 5 babies), so the Pet Patrol (most coveted job in all the jobs because you get to feed the fish) is back on the job rotation
  • Reading/Language Arts Focus: Main Idea and Sequencing
  • Math Focus: Measurement using Centimeters and Meters (last week was inches and feet and we measured our height!)
Next Tuesday is Class Picture Day.  I can't wait to share!! :)

GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU TESTING TEACHERS!!  Wishing your kids the best of luck! Show them our STAAR video that a fabulous 4th grade teacher put together here.

{Five on FriYAY!}

So excited to be getting back to this! I certainly have missed Five on Fridays!
1 // 7 Weeks To Go
That's right people. It's officially 7 weeks until I have survived my first years as a teacher. It has been pretty memorable to say the least! I can't believe we're that close to the finish line. 

2 // Mills Made a Music Video

In case you and I don't have the pleasures of being facebook friends, a pretty fabulouse teacher at my school made a music video to our school's unofficial theme song, "Roar" by Katy Perry. Check out the great stuff here. You'll see yours truly rockin' my shades and my kiddos dancing and roaring. 

3 // Little Victories

Today during math we measured our heights. The kids had to tell me how many total inches they were, as well as, their height in feet and inches aka the standard description you would hear. While there were of course a couple that struggled several kids were able to complete the activity you and what's better... They had a blast doing it! 

4 // PPR Results

As a teacher you're required to pass a certification test in the content you want to teach and also one regarding professional behavior and responsibilities for a teacher. Before I started my first years teaching, I took the Earl Childhood (EC) - 6th grade content exam. After passing I was told I'd have to take my PPR (Professional Pedigogy and Responsibility) exam later in the year which I wtskked about Tuesday. The results came back today and I... PASSED! Praise the LORD! I am one step closer to being a fully certified teacher. 

5 // Crawfish & Lake

Ryan and I promptly headed down to the lake after work today because tomorrow some of our tori ends and Ry's parents will celebrate Ryan's birthday a little early eith a crawfish boil.  It's currently raining, but maybe the rain will pour tonight and be long gone for tomorrow's festivities. Think happy thoughts for our bash won't you?

So much winning requires some serious fist action.

What's your Five on Friday?

{Teacher Tuesday - Once an Armadillo, Always an Armadillo}

Let's face the cold, hard facts here. I haven't even touched this space in a long time. There's no need to make excuses, though I could try, but the point is I'm back now. So, let's get to it, shall we?

1 // The first 3 months of this year were rough - emotionally and financially.
[Cliff's Notes Version] In January, I totaled my car by smashing it into a much pricier car than mine... let's call it a Lexus (insert embarrassed face) that left Ryan and I scrambling to purchase a new one.  I ended up with this beauty, a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta, and am so happy, but not overly thrilled with how we had to go about getting it, and that now we have a car payment that was non-existent before. It only had 35,000 miles on it when we purchased it, has bluetooth, leather seats, seat warmers, and a touchscreen for radio and satellite selections, phone commands, and navigation. A huge thank you to the gentleman or lady, we assume man because of the radio/satellite presets, who tossed this beauty aside. #upgradedride

2011 Volkswagen Jetta

In February, I was gifted with a kidney stone that sent me to PrimaCare - twice, then to the emergency room. Despite fighting against going to the ER because I knew it would cost us an arm and a leg, we were persuaded to go as a possible infection was a threat. All's better now, and the stone is gone, but I wouldn't recommend getting one ... EVER. They are ridiculously painful.

Ryan lovingly took this picture and captioned it with our feelings of that Saturday.

In March, we found out we owed back in taxes when we thought we would get a refund, I got a speeding ticket (whomp whomp), and we replaced Ryan's car breaks.

The first few months of this year have been a doozy, but thankfully that changed at the end of March which leads me to the "Teacher" part of this Tuesday...

2 // Transitioning
I have accepted a new job at my old elementary school for the 2015-2016 school year. The phrase I heard growing up there was, "Once an Armadillo, Always an Armadillo". Well, that will certainly be true now! I am so excited to be closer to home, back in my old neighborhood, and at a great school. They have many tenured teachers and I look forward to learning from them and honing my teacher skills to really benefit my students. I haven't officially been told what grade I will be teaching, but it will be K-2. 2nd would obviously be my 1st choice, then 1st. Here's hoping!

I was torn between staying at my current school another year, but I'm glad I accepted the job at my old elem. school because there have been some major changes announced for next year at my current school. Changes that I think would require staff members to have a hard time juggling the work-life balance we all seek.

I will badly miss my kiddos and being a jaguar, and cannot think of a better place to start my teaching career. The school and staff have given me so much grace to learn and grow, and has presented me with many opportunities. I am grateful for an outstanding staff, that is filled with people I genuinely call friends. Each one of them has made my time at RQM so special and filled with laughter and joy.

On another note, I took my last teacher test today for my official certification. I'll find out in 2 days if I passed. FINGERS CROSSED!

3 // Running with Dogs
I have been running with Jetta and Oakley a lot since the beginning of the year. We have worked up from just a mile to 2.5 miles now. Each time Oakley Mae tries to pretend like I've nearly killed her and pants like crazy, while our runs only seem to energize Jetta Belle more. With the weather getting warmer and warmer each day here in the Lone Star State I'll either have to commit to early morning or late night runs with the girls before too long.

Other than a minor tripping incident, and Oakley still freaking out most always when other dogs bark at her or are in sight, we've got a pretty good thing going. I enjoy it so much, and highly recommend anyone who's on the fence to give it a go! Even now my girls pull a lot in the beginning, but once we settle in, about a quarter of a mile or so, we all find our pace.

Oakley Mae "dog" tired.

4 // Summertime
The countdown officially began yesterday. A teacher had this posted when the staff walked in Monday morning.

--{ 39 (school) Days or 8 Weeks }--

Can you tell our staff is excited for summer?

I'll have to do another post on potential summer plans as this one is getting quite lengthly.  Until next time, happy Tuesday!

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