{The 9 Best Things About Winter Break}

Oh Winter Break, you were so good to me.

That's an understatement.  Winter Break, you were fabulous to me.  I've experienced breaks as a student, but obviously this was my first experience as the teacher and I never thought I would appreciate it as much as I did.  Naturally, being off for 2 weeks during one of the busiest times of year sounds pretty glamorous, but I can't begin to explain the relaxation and joy I experienced over this break.  However, I will try.

What better way to do this than with a list?! :)

1 // Relaxation Station
I adopted a very relaxed state of being.  I've come to know her as Vacation Taylor, and she is welcome ANYTIME!  I was off for 20ish days... IN A ROW!  No grades, no meetings, no kiddos, no problems!

2 // Sleeping In/Staying Up Late
I think Ryan probably enjoyed this one quite since I put my old lady ways aside for the break.  Instead of crawling into bed and nodding off I was energized and eager to hang out especially when I knew I didn't have to set an alarm.  So freeing.

3 // Quality Time with Ry
This was probably my favorite happening of the break.  Ryan had to work, but when he wasn't working we spent quite a bit of time together.  We got caught up on some of our shows, spent time with family, ran errands, walked border collies, went on a double date with some friends, celebrated the holidays with friends and family, and genuinely enjoyed just being together.  I know that sounds cheesy, but having a stress-free, non-busy schedule made for some great quality time.

4 // Lunch/Brunch Dates
In a relatively short amount of time (when you function in the holidays spent with family), I managed to have lunch or brunch with friends, family or Ry most of those days.  I would love to say I was able to see every person I had hoped too, but the holidays make that hard.  Lucky for me, Spring Break is just around the corner.

5 // Workout Clothes
Nearly every day, y'all.  Poor Ry.  Unless we went out, or I met someone for something I pretty much lived in yoga pants and comfortable long sleeve tees.

6 // Border Collie Snuggles
I spent lots of time loving on my girls over the break.  We got to sleep in, take long walks, enjoy the sunshine (when it was out), and run errands together.  I love those girls.  SO much.

7 // Crafting
I made some more wreaths for Christmas this year and was able to devote some good time to putting them together.  In fact, I did almost nothing other than watch Gilmore Girls and craft for almost 2 days.  Winning.

I didn't get a picture of my Mom's.  I'll post more when they have arrived at their owners house. :)  We're a little delayed on mailing Christmas presents. 

8 // Organization
Mama McD helped me get started organizing our guest room.  Over the past several months it has basically served as a dumping ground for anything that didn't have a place or needed to be hidden quickly.  She helped me pack up things that we're going to try to sell at a garage sale we hope to have soon, and throw away the trash.  I cannot thank her enough for her help!

9 // FUN & JOY
Being off was just a blast.  It was so fun to plan each day and do what I wanted when I wanted.  I had a great time meeting up with friends I hadn't seen a while, spending time with family, shopping, everything.  Thinking about it just makes me smile.  What a wonderful little holiday.

The only downside to the break was that I was lazier than I anticipated.  Going into the break I fully intended to work out every single day.  Hahaha.  I laugh just typing that.  I hit the gym a whopping one time.  That's right... once.  Sad, sad, sad.  However, I have no regrets.

I have tasted the good life and I believe it has spoiled me for a career in anything but teaching due to the nice vacation perks.  Luckily, teaching is exactly where I want to be... and not only for that reason. ;)  Now it's time to take on Semester #2 as a first year teacher. :)

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