{Teacher Tuesday - 2nd Grade Faith}

Happy Tuesday, friends!  It's my favorite day of the blog week so thanks for stopping by!

After becoming a teacher, I know this to be true.

I have heard kids say pretty hilarious and heart-warming things long before my life as Mrs. Nabors, 2nd Grade corral-er ever came to fruition.  These days, though, these moments are pretty constant, and in case you were wondering... I LOVE IT.

Often I have to look around my classroom to see if I am, in fact, the only adult that just heard the ridiculous uttering from the goofy seven year old mouth it came out of.  Here are some of my favorites as of late:
Student 1: "It's already January 9th?  Time is going fast now!"
Student 2: "Yeah, it's because of the weather."
Mrs. Nabors: "I'm going to hand out your next activity, so when you get finished you may begin on it.  Don't worry if you are not finished with your current activity just yet.  You still have 5 minutes left."
Student (who wasn't listening): As I hand the paper to him, "Mrs. Nabors, this is not a good time."
Mrs. Nabors: "What?"
Student: "I am not finished with Number of the Day yet.  This is not a good time for that paper."
Mrs. Nabors: "Well, you see, I told you I was just going to give it to you so if you finished you could start working on it, but not to worry because you still have 5 minutes to complete Number of the Day."
Student: "Oh, well in that case, it's a good time for that paper."
After dropping my kids off at Computer Specials I came back to find one student laying on the floor in my room. (In my defense, the computer lab is RIGHT across the hall from my classroom so he just snuck back in there).
Mrs. Nabors: "Hey there, whatcha doin' on the floor?"
Student: "Yeah, I'm not going to computers today."
Mrs. Nabors: "Umm, yes you are."
Student: "Yes ma'am."

The funny moments are great, but it's the heartwarming and humbling ones I think I love most. That's what I'd like to talk about today. :)

Before Christmas, I showed my kids Ryan's and my first dance as husband and wife.  My kids thought it was awesome!  They proceeded to "ooh" and "ahh" and comment on their favorite moves, and then began to comment on my dress, hair, etc.  They said I looked beautiful, and then made a comment about how tiny I looked.  I said something to the extent of, "yeah, and then Mrs. Nabors got a little fatter".  Naturally, they all shouted, "Nooooo!  You're not fat!"  (If you're ever needing a self-esteem boost, stop on by.  Seriously, these kids love to pump you up!)

As we were transitioning to something else, one of my sweet girls came over to me and said something that caught me severely off guard.  She said, "Mrs. Nabors, my mommy said that we should never criticize our body because God is just letting us borrow it while we're here and when we say something bad about it we hurt His feelings."  Cue jaw on the floor.  I was beyond humbled.

Since hearing my student say that, I have really considered the things that come out of my mouth regarding my body.  She is 100% right.  I have no right to criticize the body the LORD has blessed me with.  If I want to change it physically by being more fit, that's one thing.  I challenge you to think about that the next time you say something that criticizes the LORD's handiwork.  After all, we were made in his image. :)

{The 9 Best Things About Winter Break}

Oh Winter Break, you were so good to me.

That's an understatement.  Winter Break, you were fabulous to me.  I've experienced breaks as a student, but obviously this was my first experience as the teacher and I never thought I would appreciate it as much as I did.  Naturally, being off for 2 weeks during one of the busiest times of year sounds pretty glamorous, but I can't begin to explain the relaxation and joy I experienced over this break.  However, I will try.

What better way to do this than with a list?! :)

1 // Relaxation Station
I adopted a very relaxed state of being.  I've come to know her as Vacation Taylor, and she is welcome ANYTIME!  I was off for 20ish days... IN A ROW!  No grades, no meetings, no kiddos, no problems!

2 // Sleeping In/Staying Up Late
I think Ryan probably enjoyed this one quite since I put my old lady ways aside for the break.  Instead of crawling into bed and nodding off I was energized and eager to hang out especially when I knew I didn't have to set an alarm.  So freeing.

3 // Quality Time with Ry
This was probably my favorite happening of the break.  Ryan had to work, but when he wasn't working we spent quite a bit of time together.  We got caught up on some of our shows, spent time with family, ran errands, walked border collies, went on a double date with some friends, celebrated the holidays with friends and family, and genuinely enjoyed just being together.  I know that sounds cheesy, but having a stress-free, non-busy schedule made for some great quality time.

4 // Lunch/Brunch Dates
In a relatively short amount of time (when you function in the holidays spent with family), I managed to have lunch or brunch with friends, family or Ry most of those days.  I would love to say I was able to see every person I had hoped too, but the holidays make that hard.  Lucky for me, Spring Break is just around the corner.

5 // Workout Clothes
Nearly every day, y'all.  Poor Ry.  Unless we went out, or I met someone for something I pretty much lived in yoga pants and comfortable long sleeve tees.

6 // Border Collie Snuggles
I spent lots of time loving on my girls over the break.  We got to sleep in, take long walks, enjoy the sunshine (when it was out), and run errands together.  I love those girls.  SO much.

7 // Crafting
I made some more wreaths for Christmas this year and was able to devote some good time to putting them together.  In fact, I did almost nothing other than watch Gilmore Girls and craft for almost 2 days.  Winning.

I didn't get a picture of my Mom's.  I'll post more when they have arrived at their owners house. :)  We're a little delayed on mailing Christmas presents. 

8 // Organization
Mama McD helped me get started organizing our guest room.  Over the past several months it has basically served as a dumping ground for anything that didn't have a place or needed to be hidden quickly.  She helped me pack up things that we're going to try to sell at a garage sale we hope to have soon, and throw away the trash.  I cannot thank her enough for her help!

9 // FUN & JOY
Being off was just a blast.  It was so fun to plan each day and do what I wanted when I wanted.  I had a great time meeting up with friends I hadn't seen a while, spending time with family, shopping, everything.  Thinking about it just makes me smile.  What a wonderful little holiday.

The only downside to the break was that I was lazier than I anticipated.  Going into the break I fully intended to work out every single day.  Hahaha.  I laugh just typing that.  I hit the gym a whopping one time.  That's right... once.  Sad, sad, sad.  However, I have no regrets.

I have tasted the good life and I believe it has spoiled me for a career in anything but teaching due to the nice vacation perks.  Luckily, teaching is exactly where I want to be... and not only for that reason. ;)  Now it's time to take on Semester #2 as a first year teacher. :)
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