{Newness in the Naborshood}

Wow.  It sure has been a long time since I've written in this sweet blog.  I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!  To be honest, life has been crazy with teaching and so much else I haven't had an opportunity to write.  I've thought about it, but to be honest, I also haven't known what to write.  Some funny things at school have happened, but when I thought about them or wrote them down in the "notes" app on my iPhone somehow I was distracted and it didn't make it to this space.  Whatever the reason, I'm back again.  Writing from my new MacBook Air I might add!

That's right.  My wonderful husband surprised me with this bad boy on Christmas morning. :)  Needless to say I am a happy girl!  Plus, it inspired me to visit this lovely space and post something as cheerful as I have been feeling for the past several months.  Teaching has done me a world of good, and even better, so has this 2 week hiatus of Christmas Break goodness.

This ballin' computer is not the only thing that is new in the Nabors household as of late either.  Ryan and I have been wanting to "liven" up or maybe "move our house from college to adult style" and tonight we did just that!  Ry has hated our couch for quite the while now and has been wanting to get a couch cover for the past year probably.  Not that the green, white and blue plaid cushions weren't knocking our socks off, it was just time for a face lift.  Naturally, I kicked and screamed and dragged my heels in the beginning, but I have to say my man was right.  Our living room looks stellar now.  PLUS, he let me get throw pillows.  Girly throw pillows.  Boy does that man know the way to my heart.

It really does look like a brand new couch!

Ryan started this whole redecorating our living room idea when he received the bookshelf/entertainment center I gave him for Christmas.  He had also been wanting one of those for a long time too.  He set it up last night and it sure looks good!  Definitely opens up the space in the front.

Lastly, we're updating our kitchen shelving thing and putting one of the bookshelves there instead.  Since we lost the two drawers that we use to hold different things (bills, dog medicine, instructions, etc.) Ryan thought we should get some of those cloth shelving units to use instead.  I wasn't convinced, but they were pretty cute so I thought we could try it.  Plus there's this new-fangled thing called "returning" if you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase.  So, it's out with the old...

... and in with the new!

In case you wanted a better look of the fabulous new chalkboard I received from Mama McD for Christmas here is the first design to christen the board.  Sic'Em!

Ryan is trying to convince me we should hang the chalkboard where the brown artwork is above the bookshelf right now (see above).  Since his taste has proven good so far, perhaps we will. :)

I was hoping to write about the awesome Christmas gifts I received this year, but as this post has already drawn on long enough, the puppies feet need cleaning, and we have friends coming over to play games really soon, I think I'll call it a night.

Thanks for stopping by!  I am glad to be back, and promise to be better.

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