{Teacher Tuesday: The No Heat Week}

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Time to catch up on all things 2nd grade awesomeness.  This past week, our school has had zero heat.  That's right.  I've had 15 kiddos bundled up in their heavy coats, hats, and even gloves.  I tried to abide by our school's rules of no hats, and that it's really not appropriate to wear gloves indoors, but since it's been unbearably cold I gave up on that several days ago.

We've been doings lots of dancing around, running in place, jumping jacks, stretching, moving quickly from place to place (often) to keep warm.  Today, I was convinced I was going to have to take my kids to the front of the building to work in the hallway, as it was warmer there, but they fixed the heat just in time.  Rumor has it someone stole the copper.  I can't say I'm all that surprised.  Last year, someone stole the entire fence and three trees that were planted in memorial of a teacher and two students who had passed away.  Haha, yeah, we're in that part of town. :)

Other than freezing to death in the arctic, my kids had their first sub last Friday when I went to Atlanta to celebrate my Mama Bev's 85th birthday!  Let me begin by saying, planning for a sub was almost as much work as putting together a lesson plan for an entire week.  Since I am self-contained (aka I teach every subject) I had to plan for activities for the entire day and explain how to introduce/teach them/be able to help my kids if they had questions.  Way more work than I anticipated.

As I checked in with my bestie Haley to see how the day had gone so far, and to ensure my sub had actually shown up since several had picked up and canceled through the week, I was really hoping to hear a positive report.

Instead, I heard from Haley at the end of the day saying the sub had practically left in tears, that my class was one of the worst classes she had had in her 21 years of teaching.  #fail  I don't know if she just wasn't used to the behavior problems that lie in our type of school, if my kids were particularly horrible, or cold, or a combination of all three, but the sub left vowing she'd never come back to sub at our school, or for my class.  

I'd like to think my class and I have made huge progress in the behavior management department, and maybe Friday was a testament to that, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.  We still have a long way to go.  Perhaps by May we'll be there. ;)  We had to have a talk about Friday this past Monday, and I was pretty annoyed I had gotten a report like that, but my principal told me that if it had been that bad the sub would have talked to her or our assistant principal when they checked in on her, and she didn't.

Anyway, this time next week I will be kicking up my heels and off for Thanksgiving Break!!!  I hope the exclamation points help you to understand how truly excited I am about my first loooong break.  I now understand why teachers, and students, need these breaks. :)

Have the happiest of Tuesdays, little smarties!

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