{Teacher Tuesday: 1st 6 Weeks Recap}

Welcome to another exciting edition of Teacher Tuesday!  Though this is still pretty new, I'd like to recap my very first six weeks as a teacher!

Y'all, I genuinely cannot believe I have been a teacher for 7 weeks now!  This week marks the start of our 8th week.  Some Most days I don't know what the heck happened with our 7 hours of school time.  Some days I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water.  Other days it's a 50/50 split with smooth sailing in the morning and disaster in the afternoon.  Always I am grateful that I switched into this new profession.

Since beginning life as a teacher almost all of my purchases are for school, at least one of my weekend days is dedicated to prepping for school, my mornings are early, my sleeping in is severely hindered because of my new routine, I am an old woman and go to bed pretty early, my husband listens to me talk about my kids and sister wives (aka my new teacher friends) incessantly and is a good sport about it, and most of my dreams are about teaching, my students, or my brain subliminally firing off my to-do list while I slumber.

I think teacher life is slowly seeping into my veins and my core.

Some days I like this fact, but other days I have to do a double take to remind myself that I also need a life outside of school.  Ryan has been beyond supportive of my new career and supported us on the home front during my first few weeks and even the two weeks before school began.  I am so grateful to have a husband that I can depend on, that I can feel the love and support oozing from him, and that he is by my side as we embark on this adventure.

I say we because when I became a teacher, I think Ryan can also list part-time teacher on his resume.  He has cut out lamination, helped grade papers, carried books to and from my car, purchased supplies, hung things up in my classroom, taped, learned about my kids, and on and on.  :)  What a wonderful man!

While I feel like the first six weeks was mostly successful, I am looking forward to these next 6 weeks.  They are flying by, and I am loving it more and more.  It's easy to get caught up in the negative things, as with any job, but there are so many more things I am happy and content with through teaching.  Some days I feel like I am making a huge difference.  Some days I feel like I am helping mold their little hearts into people that are kind and care about more than themselves.  Some days I totally fail.  Each day is an adventure and the ride of a lifetime!  I'll have to blog about my top 10 things about being a teacher another time.

Until then, let's recap:
The 1st 6 Weeks of School had:
- 1 school holiday (Labor Day) AKA NO SCHOOL!!! :)
- Lots of crying kids
- Lots of laughing kids
- 3 overturned desks
- 5 tantrums
- 5 classroom walk out attempts
- Easily 500 sheets of notebook paper used
- Easily 500 sheets of printer paper used
- Hundreds of laminated and copied papers
- 6 weeks of lesson plans
- 3 weeks of lesson plans turned in on time
- Nearly 60 student drawings like these:
{These are me with a princess tiara, of course!}
- 5 student notes
- 1 "I like you" letter passed, and taken up, in my class
- 6 breakfast mats thrown away
- Hundreds of Dum Dums eaten
- 30 prizes given away
- Hundreds of tickets passed out and collected
- Thousands of reprimands given
- Tens of thousands of praises given
- 6 weeks of silent prayers said during the morning "moment of silence"
- 5-7 days left crying (that's good I hear!)
- 3 fabulous new girl friends
- 1 new bestie
- Thousands upon thousands of smile and warm, fuzzy memories
- 6 weeks worth of seeing the sun rise
- 6 weeks of seeing the downtown skyline creep into the horizon
- Several attempts at learning to speak accountably to one another (I agree/disagree with ____ because...)
- Several attempts at learning to edify one another
- 1 science experiment
- Created 16 new Baylor fans (they even say Sic'Em Bears!)

We Learned:
- Addition
- Subtraction
- Place Value
- Order of Events/Sequencing
- Fables/Legends/Myths
- Compare/Contrast fairy tales
- Prefixes/Suffixes
- Months of the Year/Days of the Week
- Cardinal directions
- Respecting one another
- Classroom rules
- Brainstorming ideas
- Matter
- Science Lab Procedures
- Science Safety
- 5 senses
- Etc.

Favorite Moment from the 1st 6 Weeks: At our school, each class is encouraged to participate in Rachel's Challenge.  If you're not familiar with what that is, I encourage you to check it out, but the premise is to start a chain reaction of kindness.  One small act of kindness could start a chain reaction of kindness and wouldn't the world be a kinder place to live?  Anyway, my heart is so joyful when my class wants to write the kind acts they've done for one another.  I stapled our paper chain pieces together today and we easily have 25.

Other favorite (because you know I couldn't just pick one): rapping and singing with my kids.  I try to find as many songs and raps for my kids to sing to help them remember things.  So far I've found some for addition, respect, science lab procedures, synonyms/antonyms, days of the week, months of the year, and well too many to name.  I've even made up a few of my own. :)

Funniest Moment: Every other Friday at school is college t-shirt day and they highlight a college.  Baylor was the 3rd school to be highlighted and, naturally, I had been teaching my kids all about Baylor since Day 1.  They had heard the fight song at least a dozen times, heard about Joy and Lady, and everything else Baylor!  We even SIC'EM BEARS in class as an attention getter.  They looooove to Sic'Em too! :)

Anyway, I showed my class the cheer/dance to the fight song because I tried out for Baylor Cheerleading back in the day.  I didn't make the team, and they knew that, but mostly I chuck that up to having had knee surgery the fall before tryouts and not being totally ready or able to do my standing back tuck.  So, Baylor Friday rolls around and my kids wanted to see the fight song dance so I did it when they played the song over the announcements.  When we get outside and are waiting for carpool, one of my students wants me to show her older sister the fight song dance.  As I am, one of my other students walks over to Ms. Wilson and whispers, "She didn't make the team."  Ms. Wilson erupted in laughter, I stopped and asked what was going on and learned that.  I asked my student to justify why I didn't make it to which she responded, "you weren't good enough".  She later said the real reason, but I about died laughing.  Gooood times.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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