{When Life Disappoints}

This weekend my sweet friend lost her Dad and her brother in a plane crash.  Talk about devastating.  That's about the only word I can use to describe such a tragic loss.  In the midst of her loss, I started thinking that this is one of those times when life disappoints.  It has the capacity to ruin your plans and leave you standing in the wake of disappointment.

While I have no idea what that type of loss feels like, and my heart aches deeply for her and her family, I am so grateful that as a believer in Christ there is hope.  There is hope that one day that pain will subside, that the hurt gets easier, and that there is a time when you will see the ones you have loved and lost again.

I like to think that the LORD shows us our loved ones in things that reminded us of them.  For my grandmother, that was butterflies.  She loved butterflies and has "shown up" several times in the form of a fluttery butterfly.  I believe that our God deeply hurts when we hurt, and these little signs remind us that he too hurt like we do when His son hung on the cross.

I am, by no means, trying to say that these signs replace the hurt that we feel, but I do think it's a comfort from the LORD when we hurt.  He lets us know, in that small way, that our loved ones are with Him and they're looking out for us.

So, whatever disappointment you're facing today, be it a small tragedy or a large one, look for comfort from the LORD in your surroundings.  The love from your family and friends, the sun beaming in the sky, a rainbow, a butterfly, our LORD sends hope when we don't think there's any left to fill us.

I am grateful for abounding promises of unfailing love.

Today I'd like to ask for prayers for my sweet friend LM and her family.  Please pray that the LORD would comfort them, grant them peace and rest during this time.  My heart aches for their loss.

What comforts you when life disappoints?


Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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