{Running With Oakley Mae}

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I have been wanting to run with Oakley Mae for quite the while now.  See, Oakley loves to bark.  Like a lot.  Which can be both cute and frustrating at times.  More often it's the latter.  (Remember:  Oakley Mae has Marley & Me like tendencies.  See here, here and here.)

Lo told me a while back that she was running with Ashbi, and that running might help calm Oakley down a little bit.  So, tonight, after months of anticipation, it happened, and y'all...


We only ran 1.14 miles because I wanted to take it easy on her first run.  She kept up with me, and we only stopped really briefly early on when she tried to smell something I was about to run over in the middle of the sidewalk.  Needless to say, I accidentally stepped on/kicked her, so I wanted to make sure she was okay.  She was, and wouldn't you know she didn't try to do anything like that again.

I think taking her on our first run at night was pretty advantageous for a few reasons:

1) The weather was much cooler than the lovely 100 degree temps we've been seeing here in sweet southern Texas.

2) There weren't as many people out.  Oakley gets pretty antsy with other dogs around and sometimes people.  There were only 2 or 3 people out and about, one of which had a dog which she had to mildly freak out about, but the non-dog walkers didn't bother her too badly.

3) There aren't as many dogs outside.  Kind of following up point 2, the dogs in our neighborhood are pretty chatty.  Oakley, again, gets pretty antsy when dogs bark at her (wouldn't you if people just started yelling at you?).  Tonight we passed the same two dogs, that barked/howled at her twice, when we went there and back.

My little border baby did so well.  I am so proud of her!

After our run, she ran straight in to claim her bone.  She's panting, but holding tightly to that bone.  Goofy girl.

[For those of you interested in what gear we used, Oakley wears a gentle leader collar and a traditional, non-retractible leash.  When we first walked her she would pull and pull and pull.  A PetSmart employee encouraged the gentle leader, and after trying it once, we're believers.  She rarely pulls at all now because she doesn't like her face being tugged on.]

I'm looking forward to our next run together, and increasing the mileage as we go.  Plus, I feel a little safer running at night with a furbaby by my side. :)  If you have any suggestions or tips for running with a puppy lemme know!  I can't wait to see how she progresses!

[Note: For those of you that think Jetta Belle is getting totally dissed in this situation here's the deal.  She and I used to run together before Oakley Mae came into the picture.  She would do pretty good and we could generally get a good mile or two in, but homegirl LOVES to smell everything.  Who can blame her, right?  She's a dog.  It's in their nature.  Yes, she was incredibly sad I didn't take her tonight, but I did walk her when we finished.  I'd like to work with both Jetta and Oakley so eventually the three of us can go for a run each day.  I think they'd like that.  Do you have any tips for running with a dog who loves to stop, smell, and tinkle on everything??  Let me know in the comments below!]

Jetta Belle snuggles after our walk.


  1. YAY Oakley!!!!!! What a good girl! :) I rarely take both A&R because they tag team and egg each other on if they see a person, dog, squirrel or leaf hahahah

  2. Aw I wish I could still run with Cobalt but he can't run any more :(

    When he was a puppy he used to pull so hard (and you know he weighs so much I couldn't really control him). So I also asked people at Petsmart and they suggested a chain/choker collar for walks/runs. Alot of people think they are too "mean" or aggressive looking, but after a few tugs, Cobalt never pulled again so it never was an issue. Just a suggestion! If they really hurt the dog, no one would buy them!

  3. That's so awesome! I've tried to run with my dog before but he didn't do so well. He has 2 speeds: walk and sprint. I really want to try again though! Even though I feel pretty safe by myself, I'd definitely feel better if he were with me.


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