{World Cup Party - Nabors Style}

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you're feeling more like this guy...

... and less like this guy.

AND that this was you this weekend.

Or this. :)

A few weekends ago Ryan and I had a World Cup party with our friends, and after Germany's win yesterday, and the fact that the games are now over for four more years, I thought this was the perfect time to share our World Cup Party with you, so you can begin brainstorming for your 2018 partay... that and I never got around to posting this earlier! ;)

We made a Facebook invite and asked everyone to write which team they would be.  We did this so there wouldn't be duplicates, and it actually worked incredibly well.  Ryan and I were Switzerland because of his family's time spent there when Ryan was growing up, and because they're awesome of course.


Since I had class the entire day of our party, Ry volunteered to make our costumes, and I won't lie... they looked fantastic!!  He did a great job, and I think he now has a greater appreciation of what goes into making a costume since he had to iron on everything on our shirts.  Way to go, babe!

The other costumes were fabulous, too!  People got really creative. :)  The border collies even had their USA bandannas on, though I didn't get a picture of our baby dogs.  Next time.


{Germany & Spain}
David kept trying to jump in everyone's picture, so Paige was trying to detain him.

Katie was even wearing shin guards.  That's dedication!

{Germany's Coach}


They made their costumes out of duct tape.  It was insanely impressive!

Check out her duct tape shirt!  She even drew the Adidas logo on there.  Mad props, Rooms!

A little Spain action here.

Love this Mexican Rooms!

{USA & Switzerland Love}

I made the Leader Board and listed everyone's team and what games we would be competing in.  Naturally they were drinking games, but everyone was safe!  Ryan and I had previously discussed "Minute to Win It" type games, but with the time restraints of my class and what not, there wasn't time to get it together.

It looks like Cupt, but that's just the Swiss flag at the end.

We faced off head-to-head in all of the above events except King's Cup.  I wasn't really sure how to make that a head-to-head game so we left it out.  It was pretty fun to watch and play all of the games.  Spain, USA, and Germany had to switch off who would play by themselves, but usually it ended up that USA and Spain would play together and Ryan would play with Germany and Switzerland.

It was a lot harder to match teams up on the spot, and I wish I had done that before the party had started, but no one really seemed to care and everyone was helpful in determining who should play whom. Germany never played Argentina, but that's okay.  Next time.

At the end of the night, the wins were tallied and Argentina was declared the winner having gone undefeated in tournament play.  They received the Nabors World Cup 2014 Golden Gnome, and responsibility for hosting the next World Cup party in 2018.

Way to go Ewings!

{The Golden Gnome}

I wasn't able to go all Pinterest on this party due to time constraints, though I've never successfully pulled off a Pinterest worthy party, so I'm not surprised. :)  I hope you did something fun to enjoy the games and get in the soccer spirit, and that you had a fabulous weekend!  Now it's back to the reality of Monday.

How did you celebrate the World Cup events?


  1. umm....Its a jersey...not a "costume"

  2. That is so stinkin' awesome! First, you two are so cute! Second, you are so creative! It doesn't need to be Pinterest-y to be awesome. What a cute idea! And how funny that Argentina won :-p We need to meet...your parties sound awesome!


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