{The Best Things About 4th of July Weekend}

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you're all well rested from the long weekend, and that you got to do something fun to celebrate our freedom!  Instead of writing a weekend recap post which is guaranteed to be long, and probably not all that interesting, I thought I'd just write my favorites from this weekend!

- Being by, in, near, around, on the lake.
-  Having Brittany (my seester in law) and her beau in town for the weekend!
- Boating
- Learning to wake surf.
- Adult beverages.
- Using sunscreen enough to not become a lobster.
- Putting aloe vera on Ry because he did not use enough sunscreen and is a lobster.
- Watching the border collie babes have the time of their lives.
- Long morning quiet times
- Lots of coffee
- Holding Oakley Mae in the water at her request
- Country Music
- Laughing at the cuteness of a 3 year old.
- American flag apparel
- Fireworks, sparklers, Honey Badgers, and Frog Princes.
- Loving on Oakley Mae who was deathly afraid of the fireworks.
- Coming into our bedroom to find Ryan had created a fort of pillows to drown out some of the firework noise for Oakley Mae.  #meltmyheart
- Family
- Red Hot and Blue potato salad
- Volleyball
- Watermelon
- Lots of laughter
- Husband Love
- Napping
- Celebrating our country's freedom

I'm sure there's probably some things I left off, but since I didn't think about them initially they aren't going to make the cut.  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Also, Ryan and I really need these.

How did you spend your 4th of July weekend?

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  1. Bahaha! That onesie thing is awesome :-p Sounds like it was a great 4th! We went to OK to see my hubby's grandpa. It wasn't too adventurous but we got to see some fireworks. Have a great weekend!!


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