{Prayer for My Future Students}

Dear LORD,

Thank you for the opportunity to be a teacher.  Thank you for leading me to a place where my passion for kids can truly be free, and where I can grow.  May the little lives I touch know my love for you through my actions and my nature.

LORD, this year is going to be one full of great opportunities and challenges.  May I constantly rely on you when the waters rage, and may I sing with joy of your praises when I excel.  Help me to never quit learning, or striving for excellence.

LORD, I pray for my future kiddos, that I may be a light to them this coming year.  That I can love on them when they need love, and show them I care when they need compassion.  Help me to empathize with them, for whatever season of life they are in.

Help them to show me grace and patience, as well as 2nd graders can, when I am struggling as a first year teacher.  Help them to laugh with me when I mess up, and to keep our classroom joyful.  Help them to understand when I have to discipline them, and help me to explain things well.

Help me be flexible and to take criticism with an open mind. Help me to constantly keep an open mind and to listen to, and seek guidance from, those with more experience. 

Help me to be a great teacher for them.  They deserve awesome teachers, and I want to be that.  Help me to be creative and keep them engaged.  Help me make learning fun.  Help my kids foster a love for reading.  Help me teach kids that education is important and learning is awesome.

Please bless our classroom, all of the classrooms at our elementary school, our principal, our teachers, our children and their families this year.  May we have a safe and fun school year.



  1. You are going to be a great teacher!

  2. Love this!! Your students will be so blessed to have you as their teacher! :)

  3. Girl, this brought tears to my eyes! I'm a 2nd grade teacher, too! I just moved to a new school after teaching for 3 years in a private Christian school, so I've been praying these same prayers! Beautifully written!


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