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Teaming up with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm to participate in the first "Oh Hey Friday" link-up now that Five on Friday has taken a hiatus.  SOOOO excited to have a new Friday link-up!  Thanks ladies for filling the void. :)

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1 // Teacher Training: Lesson Plan Presentations
Had to present 3 different lesson plans this week, and surprisingly enough I did pretty decently on them!  I think my lessons were fun and interactive, and my "students" aka the other teachers in my class, learned something I think.  Definitely had some things to polish up for my real students, but overall it really excited me to get into my classroom and teach my students!!!  2nd grade, Mrs. Nabors is coming for ya!

This Week's Lessons:
1) Measuring Wingspans (4th grade Math) - teaching kids to measure things with meter sticks
*Second favorite lesson this week*

2) Alphabetizing (2nd grade Reading/Language Arts) - students learned how to put letters and words into alphabetical order
*Least favorite lesson this week - it wasn't a very "fun" concept to teach*

3) Animal Adaptations - Physical and Behavioral Adaptations (5th grade Science) - students learned how to differentiate between physical and behavioral adaptations that help animals survive.
*Favorite lesson this week*

2 // No Teacher School Weekend!!
This is my last weekend that I don't have teacher school on Saturday until August!  What on Earth will Ryan and I do with my weekend freedom?  (&& even though I don't have class this Saturday, I will have to work on my 

Current Options:
1) Stay home and hang out with the besties, relax, swim/lay out, run, hike, play with border collies
3) Combination?

What's your vote?

3 // Garmin Forerunner 15
Our checks from returning out Fit Bit Forces that got recalled in February came in the mail last week.  Since it's payday, and thus a new budget is being launched for the next 2 weeks, I think it's finally time I can purchase this beauty!!

Meet the Garmin Forerunner 15.  It tracks your mileage on a run, your calories burned (if you wear the sync-able heart rate monitor), and your steps during the day (once out of the GPS mode).

Ryan really liked his Fit Bit Force, but personally I was a little disappointed after we got them for Christmas.  They were cool as like a guide for how active you were during the day, and served as a reminder to get up and move if I had been sitting for too long, but what I really wanted was something that would track my running mileage and calories burned.  When the Fit Bit Forces were recalled, we decided to send them back so I could get something I would really use, and Ryan could get whatever band they came out with next, or look at a different fitness band.  Not sure what he's landed on yet, if anything.

I've done a bit of research on which running watch I've wanted to get with my reimbursement money, and have asked a couple of my blog friends that have this bad boy, and I am sold.  It does everything I want and is SO CUTE!  They colors are fabulous, no?  I'm torn between which color, but I'm pretty sure i'm going o get the purple one.  They're both neon, and neon makes you faster, so I can't really go wrong with either color (comes in pink and light green too, but I eliminated those colors). :)

Which color is your favorite?

4 // Sinful Colors Nailpolish
These babies are only $1.99 a pop and actually have pretty good coverage, and a very smooth application.  I got 24/7 (aka NEON PINK) last summer and was only mildly impressed with the nail polish, but have gotten a few colors recently and have totally LOVED them and been pretty impressed!  Sometimes you have to do 3 coats instead of 2, but other times I just add a top coat to 2 coats and it's awesome!

I have these to try this weekend:
{Island Coral}


Have you tried Sinful Colors Nailpolish?  What's your favorite color?

5 // Triathlon Time
I've been itching to get back in the triathlon game for quiet a while now, but between my current job during the day and going to teacher school at night, I haven't had a lot of time for much of anything.  BUT, I'm picking out a new triathlon to do in September and October!  

I have two written in pencil on my calendar right now, but until I get my school schedule I'm not going to register for them.  I wanted to do one in August, but I think I'll need that time to train for the race, set up my classroom, attend my teacher training at school, and get my life together for teaching, so I opted out of a tri in August.  I AM DOING ON IN SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER THOUGH, and don't worry Ry, they don't interfere with Baylor Football games -- I already checked.  SIC'EM!

What's your Oh Hey Friday five?  Join the Link-Up here, or tell me in the comments below!!!  Comments are like little gifts to me.  Leave me some love!


  1. I love that those nail polishes are so cheap! I will say...one of the blue ones literally dyed my nails once but the others have been fine :) I have so many bright colors that I love! So impressed that y'all make it to Baylor games! I didn't make it to any last year :( We really want to make it to the new stadium this year though!

  2. Stopping by from the link up.... love those nail polish colours especially the first one. Also, I've been wrestling with buying one of those fit bit type (or other) types of devices for a while now!!


  3. Way to go gal! You are making me miss being a teacher just a tad. 2nd grade is such a fun age!!
    And a triathlon? Rockstar.


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