{July Goals}

Happy 1st Day of July, friends!

Can you believe June has already come and gone?  I feel like it just flew by!!  I hope June was a great month for you and that you're looking ahead to what exciting things July will bring.  If you haven't been tracking along with me, the first of each month I recap the previous months goals, evaluate how I did, and look to set new goals in the current month.

Here's a look at how I did with my June Goals:

1 // Spend more time in the word and prayer.
I did better on this in the month of June.  I think having a specific bible study to be working through with Jasmine really helped.  I've been doing more morning devotionals too, which have really begun to set my days off on the right foot.  It's nice to get away with Jesus and just abide in Him.  Some mornings that looks like praying silently, others it comes in the form of a morning devotional.  Either way, giving my mornings to Him help start my day off right.  This month I still want to keep this a big focus, since I feel like I accomplished this about 50-60% and there's ALWAYS room for more of Jesus!

2 // Get organized.
Well, my sweet husband and I had a World Cup party this past weekend (which I'll blog about tomorrow!), and in typical Nabors fashion we deep cleaned for the festivities.  I'm talking wall to floor cleaning.  Out bathrooms look impeccable if I do say so myself! :)

Since I had been at teacher class all day, I came home and took a much needed hour (and a half) nap.  I only intended to nap for an hour, but I am thankful Ry let me sleep.  I would have been a zombie at our party!

Anyway, during my nap, Ryan cleaned and organized his entire man room, and organized quite a bit of the guest room!  It was such an awesome surprise to wake up to!  I still need to do some serious cleaning, organizing, tossing of items in the guest room, but for now it looks awesome!  Thanks babe!

3 // Eat healthier.
I actually did pretty decent on this in the month of June!  Still lots of room for improvement, but I have been eating lots more fruits and veggies.  I've been getting these single serve trays to take as an evening snack since my classes run from 6-9 and I leave straight from the office.  They vary in what comes in them, but my favorite is one similar to this though I think it's apples and peanut butter instead of broccoli and ranch.

At $1.99 they're not really cost effective, but they're only 260 calories for a whole tray, and they're letting me enjoy my fruits and veggies.  They're a perfect snacking option.  Yes, I know I could make my own tray and I have contemplated it, but maybe that'll be this month's goal, and at least for now I've been eating healthier snacks.

4 // Run, run, run!
I've run at least once or twice a week each week this past month.  I've made sure I'm working out 4-5 times a week, sometimes more, and I think between my running, blogilates, and my somewhat healthier eating my body is starting to get back in wedding shape which is totally the goal.

5 // Spend more time reading.
Most of my reading these days pertains to school or facebook statuses.  Yes, sad I know, but I haven't had a lot of time to indulge my reading love lately.  I DID finish Insurgent, and am going to start (and hopefully FINISH!) Allegiant this month as well as another book.  My sister gave me "The Fault in Our Stars" and I'd REALLY like to start that.  So, fingers crossed July will be good to me!

6 // Blog more frequently.
Oh friends.  Thank you for your patience with me.  I was on track to really knock this goal out of the park, and then teacher school started.  This month I'll be better!

I'm looking to carry over quite a few of these goals because they're good goals and I'm not ready to part with them yet. :)

1 // Spend more time in word and prayer.  I want to continue to invest in my most important relationship and really be in tune with his plan for my life.

2 // Get organized.  This is the month I will get rid of the things we don't use, organize everything else, and get the guest room in good shape!  I refuse to use this room as the dump room any longer.  Mama McD told me to pick a date and we'll get it done.  July's gonna make it happen!

3 // Eat healthier.  Make healthier food and beverage choices.  I feel like this phrasing is a little better than just eating healthier.  I need to be drinking tons more water AND making healthier food choices.

4 // Work out 4-5 times per week.  Run as 2-3 of those work outs.
I learned that setting SMART goals will increase your chances of completing them.  The S in SMART is specific.  If I specify what I want to accomplish, there's no reason why I shouldn't do just that! :)

5 // Blog more frequently.
I eliminated spend more time reading, because as much as I want to do that right now I need to prioritize.  I will read when I can and definitely when we're at the lake since that's lots of luxurious free time, but it doesn't really seem to be the best goal this month.  This blog is really important to me and I want it to grow which means I've got to invest in it.  Since I'm already spread pretty thin, blogging 4-5 days per week seems to be a pretty good goal.

6 // Spend more quality time with Ryan.
I have been so tired lately from burning the candle at both ends I sometimes take for granted my time with Ryan.  I have also been pretty short lately and that's definitely not fair to him.  I can't let my temporary emotions effect my words and actions towards Ryan.  Love you, babe!  Thanks for being such a strong support for us during this time.

Those seem attainable!  Hopefully I'll get to cross them all off next month! :)  What are your July goals?  Share them in the comments section below!


  1. I'm so excited to see you posting more frequently! That's always a great move for your blog :)

  2. Great goals Taylor! Good job eating well and working out so often! I so haven't had the time...I've been doing some at home workouts but haven't made it to the gym in a while. Life is so busy! Most of my goals this month revolve around selling our house. We've had checklist after checklist each weekend. I also want to spend more time in the Word. I'm starting a new study tonight so I think that'll help!

  3. Good luck with all your goals! Would definitely love to see more posts from you but totally understand if you don't. It's hard sometimes!


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