{It's Friday, I'm in Love}

Remember that one time I used to blog?  Sorry I've been MIA.  Work, class, homework has been my life this past week.  Never fear!  I am back!

Linking up with my new favorite Friday five friends, The Farmer's Wife and September Farm!  Join the fun here!  This week my Friday favs have a theme, which I'm sure you can spot in a nanosecond.  Don't judge... I'm just so excited for the future right now!

Ryan and I are making a tepee for my classroom like this one.  I want my kiddos to have a fun place to read and be excited about reading. :)  Hopefully, it'll be a raging success.  Either way, Mrs. Nabors' class is going to be the hit of the hallway.

2 // Forest Theme
I finally picked a theme for my room!  I am going with a forest theme, which sounds a little strange, but I'm so pumped about it.  Along with my teepee, I'm going to put pine trees all over the walls, make some cute owl lanterns to hang, have my word wall be a giant tree with a "wise owl" in it, and a blue rug for a "pond" where we'll meet and read.  I'm thinking it's going to be adorable!!  Here's some of the designs from my Teachers Pay Teachers purchase by Nicole of First Grade Owls.  Her stuff is amazing y'all!!  I want it all.


Months/Days of the Week

Name Plates


Table Signs

AND MORE!!!  I have things for my Word Wall, materials labels, birthday lists, banners, pennants, everything I need!  This was my favorite thing I've purchased for my classroom so far.  SO WORTH IT!

3 // Donor Choose Project
I started a project back in May on DonorsChoose.org after my principal told me it would be a really good tool to utilize.  I am overjoyed to say that today my project has been fully funded!!!!!  It's an all or nothing project, meaning if you don't raise all of the money you don't receive any of it and the money is returned to the donors.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to the 23 people who made this project happen.  My kids have no idea how lucky they are!  To view the goodies I got for my class, check it out here!

4 // Teacher School
While I'm glad my teacher classes are coming to an end, I am going to miss the people I have grown to love and laugh with every day.  I am grateful for all I have learned and am continuing to learn, and am looking forward to bring the things I've learned to life in my classroom!

5 // Last Days
It's a bittersweet feeling these days around my current office.  I am excited out the wazoo to get into a classroom and start my life as a teacher.  I am nervous and anxious, but more than anything, ecstatic to pursue a passion.  

I will miss the people I work with at my current job most.  They have become family and have been part of my life the past, almost, three years.  When I think of words to describe them I can't pick just one.  Instead these people embody these words and have made my heart so happy.  I will miss them tremendously.

Kind - Thoughtful - Prayerful - Generous - Hilarious - Smiley - Wonderful - Family - Humble - Giving - Jesus-Loving - Compassionate - Freaking Awesome - Friendly - Fabulous - And more, more, more, more, more!

They are one of a kind, y'all.

Now it's your turn!  What does your Oh Hey, Friday look like?  Join the fun!  Have a happy weekend, and feel free to join me in the #100HappyDays challenge on Insta!  I know I'm late to the party, but that's how I roll.

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