{There's Nothing Wrong With That}

Remember that one time I was a contributing member of the blogging world?  Yeah, me too.  I feel like I keep saying this, but life is cray cray... especially this week!  I am wrapping up my last week of work at my current job, wrapping up my last day of teacher school class tonight, finishing my mandatory video observation hours, and cutting out a thousand pieces of paper/laminating/getting everything in line to set up my classroom next Tuesday and Wednesday with Mama McD!

Busy is an understatement.

However, I've accepted my fate as slacker blogger (this week) and decided there's nothing wrong with that.  It is what it is.  This week, that's just the way it's got to be.  Next will be a little better, and I'll have less plates spinning.

It's funny to me that the last segment of our bible study on Hebrews ,that we met on and discussed, was about rest and how it's essential to take rest.  The LORD intended that we worked our butts off Monday-Saturday, but enjoyed a day of pure rest and contentment in Him on Sunday.  How rare it is that I actually do that.

So, Jasmine and I have challenged each other to rest in the LORD.  To rest physically, to fully trust and rest in His assurance, and to work hard this week and rest on Sunday.  How do you fully rest?

Other things I think there's nothing wrong with:
- random dance parties
- puppy snuggles
- singing at the top of your lungs in the shower, in your car, anywhere
- crying (sometimes you just gotta let it out)
- being overly excited about things
- really enjoying your food
- painting your nails crazy colors
- cool piercings
- keeping the newlywed mindset for life
- dating and pursuing your spouse continually
- camping in your backyard
- making s'mores in the microwave because you're too lazy to make a fire or don't have access to one
- being honest in a loving way
- chasing your dreams
- never fully growing up

What about you?

{It's Friday, I'm in Love}

Remember that one time I used to blog?  Sorry I've been MIA.  Work, class, homework has been my life this past week.  Never fear!  I am back!

Linking up with my new favorite Friday five friends, The Farmer's Wife and September Farm!  Join the fun here!  This week my Friday favs have a theme, which I'm sure you can spot in a nanosecond.  Don't judge... I'm just so excited for the future right now!

Ryan and I are making a tepee for my classroom like this one.  I want my kiddos to have a fun place to read and be excited about reading. :)  Hopefully, it'll be a raging success.  Either way, Mrs. Nabors' class is going to be the hit of the hallway.

2 // Forest Theme
I finally picked a theme for my room!  I am going with a forest theme, which sounds a little strange, but I'm so pumped about it.  Along with my teepee, I'm going to put pine trees all over the walls, make some cute owl lanterns to hang, have my word wall be a giant tree with a "wise owl" in it, and a blue rug for a "pond" where we'll meet and read.  I'm thinking it's going to be adorable!!  Here's some of the designs from my Teachers Pay Teachers purchase by Nicole of First Grade Owls.  Her stuff is amazing y'all!!  I want it all.


Months/Days of the Week

Name Plates


Table Signs

AND MORE!!!  I have things for my Word Wall, materials labels, birthday lists, banners, pennants, everything I need!  This was my favorite thing I've purchased for my classroom so far.  SO WORTH IT!

3 // Donor Choose Project
I started a project back in May on DonorsChoose.org after my principal told me it would be a really good tool to utilize.  I am overjoyed to say that today my project has been fully funded!!!!!  It's an all or nothing project, meaning if you don't raise all of the money you don't receive any of it and the money is returned to the donors.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to the 23 people who made this project happen.  My kids have no idea how lucky they are!  To view the goodies I got for my class, check it out here!

4 // Teacher School
While I'm glad my teacher classes are coming to an end, I am going to miss the people I have grown to love and laugh with every day.  I am grateful for all I have learned and am continuing to learn, and am looking forward to bring the things I've learned to life in my classroom!

5 // Last Days
It's a bittersweet feeling these days around my current office.  I am excited out the wazoo to get into a classroom and start my life as a teacher.  I am nervous and anxious, but more than anything, ecstatic to pursue a passion.  

I will miss the people I work with at my current job most.  They have become family and have been part of my life the past, almost, three years.  When I think of words to describe them I can't pick just one.  Instead these people embody these words and have made my heart so happy.  I will miss them tremendously.

Kind - Thoughtful - Prayerful - Generous - Hilarious - Smiley - Wonderful - Family - Humble - Giving - Jesus-Loving - Compassionate - Freaking Awesome - Friendly - Fabulous - And more, more, more, more, more!

They are one of a kind, y'all.

Now it's your turn!  What does your Oh Hey, Friday look like?  Join the fun!  Have a happy weekend, and feel free to join me in the #100HappyDays challenge on Insta!  I know I'm late to the party, but that's how I roll.

{Prayer for My Future Students}

Dear LORD,

Thank you for the opportunity to be a teacher.  Thank you for leading me to a place where my passion for kids can truly be free, and where I can grow.  May the little lives I touch know my love for you through my actions and my nature.

LORD, this year is going to be one full of great opportunities and challenges.  May I constantly rely on you when the waters rage, and may I sing with joy of your praises when I excel.  Help me to never quit learning, or striving for excellence.

LORD, I pray for my future kiddos, that I may be a light to them this coming year.  That I can love on them when they need love, and show them I care when they need compassion.  Help me to empathize with them, for whatever season of life they are in.

Help them to show me grace and patience, as well as 2nd graders can, when I am struggling as a first year teacher.  Help them to laugh with me when I mess up, and to keep our classroom joyful.  Help them to understand when I have to discipline them, and help me to explain things well.

Help me be flexible and to take criticism with an open mind. Help me to constantly keep an open mind and to listen to, and seek guidance from, those with more experience. 

Help me to be a great teacher for them.  They deserve awesome teachers, and I want to be that.  Help me to be creative and keep them engaged.  Help me make learning fun.  Help my kids foster a love for reading.  Help me teach kids that education is important and learning is awesome.

Please bless our classroom, all of the classrooms at our elementary school, our principal, our teachers, our children and their families this year.  May we have a safe and fun school year.



There's something sweet and refreshing about sitting on my couch, two puppies curled up near me, a cup of coffee in hand, spending time in prayer, singing praises to my Father in Heaven, and listening to a fantastic message about leadership.  While I wasn't surrounded by others diving into the message and lifting our voices to our LORD, I am renewed, encouraged, and ready to face the day.  Whatever the day brings I trust the LORD with it.  Will you?

Happy Sunday, friends.

{Community Brew - Marriage}

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I'm linking up with Rachel and Madison today to discuss something near and dear to my heart - marriage!  I am constantly trying to improve the way I love, respect, support, and cherish Ryan and so this is an awesome topic to be diving in to!

I love being married to this man!

community brew link up

We were asked to answer the following questions:

1 // How has this "life stage" helped you grow in your relationship with Jesus?

Y'all, marriage is hard.  I'm not going to sugarcoat it.  Maybe it's rainbows and butterflies for some people, but in our home every day is not a fairy tale.  Some days we're both stressed and tired, or I'm stressed and tired and that results in me being short to Ryan or vice versa, and then we're both ticked because we're immature.  We disagree on chores and have arguments.  I'm not saying this to make you feel badly for me, or to worry for the foundation of our relationship, because minus those bumps along the road of life Ryan is still the person I've wanted for 7 years (on September 1st! :))  He is the same godly man I fell in love with at Baylor, the same person I know is going to be a great dad to our future kids, the same person that makes me laugh uncontrollably, and the same person I swoon over... among MANY other things.

I say this to say, our marriage is not perfect, but we both have our eyes on Jesus and because of that we don't hang on to the bumps that come along.  Our marriage is real and we have to work at making the choices to live and act uncommonly (in a good way! - not the way of the world) towards one another, and sometimes we down right suck at it.  BUT we believe the LORD has called us together to serve His kingdom as a couple -- duh, that's why we're married. :)

This life stage has really made me look to Jesus when I think about how to be the best wife I can be for Ryan, and I am so grateful because putting Jesus at the center has helped me look to him in most every area of my life.

{Husband & Wife}

2 // What has God been teaching you about being a wife?

Again, being a wife is hard word.  It takes a lot of patience, and thinking about your actions and communication with your husband.  It's so easy to unload, or take things out on, or be short with, Ryan because we are so close.  We share everything and often times I don't put on the brave, kind, patient face with him that I might with others.  This is one of the biggest struggles for me.  I am constantly praying for more patience and to be kind even when we argue... which is also hard!

Additionally, you can't change your husband.  I know we've all heard that a bajillion times, but it's the truth and the LORD is always nudging me to remind me of that.  I can't change Ryan.  Honestly, I wouldn't want to.  Are there areas in our relationship that need improvement?  Absolutely, but I can't ask him to be something he's not.  [Note to self: Remember this next time we disagree.]  It's hard to ask the LORD to change my feelings about things I find obnoxious, and it's hard to ask for a change in that when you're annoyed, but I keep praying about it because I have faith that the LORD is strengthening our marriage and if I am attune to His ear I can make positive steps in our marriage.

Being a wife means relying on the LORD, trusting Him with your relationship, and being in constant prayer.  I want to be the wife the LORD intended me to be for Ryan, and I believe by relying on Him in everything I can be molded into that, and gain the patience and gentle spirit I am seeking in Christ.

What is the LORD teaching you in this life stage, be it single, engaged, married, or divorced?

Join us in the link up here and feel free to leave comments below!

{World Cup Party - Nabors Style}

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you're feeling more like this guy...

... and less like this guy.

AND that this was you this weekend.

Or this. :)

A few weekends ago Ryan and I had a World Cup party with our friends, and after Germany's win yesterday, and the fact that the games are now over for four more years, I thought this was the perfect time to share our World Cup Party with you, so you can begin brainstorming for your 2018 partay... that and I never got around to posting this earlier! ;)

We made a Facebook invite and asked everyone to write which team they would be.  We did this so there wouldn't be duplicates, and it actually worked incredibly well.  Ryan and I were Switzerland because of his family's time spent there when Ryan was growing up, and because they're awesome of course.


Since I had class the entire day of our party, Ry volunteered to make our costumes, and I won't lie... they looked fantastic!!  He did a great job, and I think he now has a greater appreciation of what goes into making a costume since he had to iron on everything on our shirts.  Way to go, babe!

The other costumes were fabulous, too!  People got really creative. :)  The border collies even had their USA bandannas on, though I didn't get a picture of our baby dogs.  Next time.


{Germany & Spain}
David kept trying to jump in everyone's picture, so Paige was trying to detain him.

Katie was even wearing shin guards.  That's dedication!

{Germany's Coach}


They made their costumes out of duct tape.  It was insanely impressive!

Check out her duct tape shirt!  She even drew the Adidas logo on there.  Mad props, Rooms!

A little Spain action here.

Love this Mexican Rooms!

{USA & Switzerland Love}

I made the Leader Board and listed everyone's team and what games we would be competing in.  Naturally they were drinking games, but everyone was safe!  Ryan and I had previously discussed "Minute to Win It" type games, but with the time restraints of my class and what not, there wasn't time to get it together.

It looks like Cupt, but that's just the Swiss flag at the end.

We faced off head-to-head in all of the above events except King's Cup.  I wasn't really sure how to make that a head-to-head game so we left it out.  It was pretty fun to watch and play all of the games.  Spain, USA, and Germany had to switch off who would play by themselves, but usually it ended up that USA and Spain would play together and Ryan would play with Germany and Switzerland.

It was a lot harder to match teams up on the spot, and I wish I had done that before the party had started, but no one really seemed to care and everyone was helpful in determining who should play whom. Germany never played Argentina, but that's okay.  Next time.

At the end of the night, the wins were tallied and Argentina was declared the winner having gone undefeated in tournament play.  They received the Nabors World Cup 2014 Golden Gnome, and responsibility for hosting the next World Cup party in 2018.

Way to go Ewings!

{The Golden Gnome}

I wasn't able to go all Pinterest on this party due to time constraints, though I've never successfully pulled off a Pinterest worthy party, so I'm not surprised. :)  I hope you did something fun to enjoy the games and get in the soccer spirit, and that you had a fabulous weekend!  Now it's back to the reality of Monday.

How did you celebrate the World Cup events?

{Oh HEY Friday}

Teaming up with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm to participate in the first "Oh Hey Friday" link-up now that Five on Friday has taken a hiatus.  SOOOO excited to have a new Friday link-up!  Thanks ladies for filling the void. :)

{Such a cute logo, right?!}

1 // Teacher Training: Lesson Plan Presentations
Had to present 3 different lesson plans this week, and surprisingly enough I did pretty decently on them!  I think my lessons were fun and interactive, and my "students" aka the other teachers in my class, learned something I think.  Definitely had some things to polish up for my real students, but overall it really excited me to get into my classroom and teach my students!!!  2nd grade, Mrs. Nabors is coming for ya!

This Week's Lessons:
1) Measuring Wingspans (4th grade Math) - teaching kids to measure things with meter sticks
*Second favorite lesson this week*

2) Alphabetizing (2nd grade Reading/Language Arts) - students learned how to put letters and words into alphabetical order
*Least favorite lesson this week - it wasn't a very "fun" concept to teach*

3) Animal Adaptations - Physical and Behavioral Adaptations (5th grade Science) - students learned how to differentiate between physical and behavioral adaptations that help animals survive.
*Favorite lesson this week*

2 // No Teacher School Weekend!!
This is my last weekend that I don't have teacher school on Saturday until August!  What on Earth will Ryan and I do with my weekend freedom?  (&& even though I don't have class this Saturday, I will have to work on my 

Current Options:
1) Stay home and hang out with the besties, relax, swim/lay out, run, hike, play with border collies
3) Combination?

What's your vote?

3 // Garmin Forerunner 15
Our checks from returning out Fit Bit Forces that got recalled in February came in the mail last week.  Since it's payday, and thus a new budget is being launched for the next 2 weeks, I think it's finally time I can purchase this beauty!!

Meet the Garmin Forerunner 15.  It tracks your mileage on a run, your calories burned (if you wear the sync-able heart rate monitor), and your steps during the day (once out of the GPS mode).

Ryan really liked his Fit Bit Force, but personally I was a little disappointed after we got them for Christmas.  They were cool as like a guide for how active you were during the day, and served as a reminder to get up and move if I had been sitting for too long, but what I really wanted was something that would track my running mileage and calories burned.  When the Fit Bit Forces were recalled, we decided to send them back so I could get something I would really use, and Ryan could get whatever band they came out with next, or look at a different fitness band.  Not sure what he's landed on yet, if anything.

I've done a bit of research on which running watch I've wanted to get with my reimbursement money, and have asked a couple of my blog friends that have this bad boy, and I am sold.  It does everything I want and is SO CUTE!  They colors are fabulous, no?  I'm torn between which color, but I'm pretty sure i'm going o get the purple one.  They're both neon, and neon makes you faster, so I can't really go wrong with either color (comes in pink and light green too, but I eliminated those colors). :)

Which color is your favorite?

4 // Sinful Colors Nailpolish
These babies are only $1.99 a pop and actually have pretty good coverage, and a very smooth application.  I got 24/7 (aka NEON PINK) last summer and was only mildly impressed with the nail polish, but have gotten a few colors recently and have totally LOVED them and been pretty impressed!  Sometimes you have to do 3 coats instead of 2, but other times I just add a top coat to 2 coats and it's awesome!

I have these to try this weekend:
{Island Coral}


Have you tried Sinful Colors Nailpolish?  What's your favorite color?

5 // Triathlon Time
I've been itching to get back in the triathlon game for quiet a while now, but between my current job during the day and going to teacher school at night, I haven't had a lot of time for much of anything.  BUT, I'm picking out a new triathlon to do in September and October!  

I have two written in pencil on my calendar right now, but until I get my school schedule I'm not going to register for them.  I wanted to do one in August, but I think I'll need that time to train for the race, set up my classroom, attend my teacher training at school, and get my life together for teaching, so I opted out of a tri in August.  I AM DOING ON IN SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER THOUGH, and don't worry Ry, they don't interfere with Baylor Football games -- I already checked.  SIC'EM!

What's your Oh Hey Friday five?  Join the Link-Up here, or tell me in the comments below!!!  Comments are like little gifts to me.  Leave me some love!

{5 Tips for Writing Awesome Thank You Notes}

I love writing thank you notes!  My mother ingrained this practice into me at an early age, and now it's something I really enjoy, look forward to even, AND it's polite... also sure to impress many since this is somewhat a lost art!  Since I enjoy writing thank you notes, and really notes of any kind, I thought I'd give you 5 simple steps that help me put together thank you notes and hopefully inspire you to write some knockouts of your own!

[Note: I am obviously not an expert writer, so take these with a grain of salt.  This is what works for yours truly, but I am open to hearing about new ways of writing notes, and am by no means saying these are the only 5 ways to get creative and write all-star thank you notes.  That is all!]

1 // Personalize It
For me this comes in the form of doodling and typography.  Sometimes I like to write my own "Thank You" at the top of the card, or just make the envelope look fun or fancy.  Some people make their own cards, but I'm not crafty or patient enough to do that usually.  That's the beauty of personalizing though!  You can make it uniquely you!

This was one of the ways I sent our Christmas cards out this past year.

2 // Be Specific
People want to know what you're going to do with the fabulous gift they gave you.  Indulge them!  When we got our wedding gifts this was one of my favorite things to do when writing thank you notes.  It was fun to imagine when Ryan and I would use them ("I can't wait to use this to serve appetizers at our first married party!"), or just tell folks that I couldn't wait to use the item in our new house as husband and wife if I didn't specifically know what I was going to do with the gift... like the juicer Ry insisted we register for and received. :) ("Thank you so much for the fabulous juicer!  I can't wait to try tons of different recipes!")  We actually have used the juicer and it's AWESOME!

3 // Send Warm Fuzzies
Remember the warm fuzzies you got when you received the gift?  Well, I hope you got warm fuzzies anyway.  Make it your goal to give the reader warm fuzzies, too.  Let them share in your joy.

"I can't believe you made me that cute wreath!  That must have taken you a long time, and I know it was a labor of love.  I have already hung it on my door and have received many compliments."

4 // Express Gratitude
There's no rule that says you have to give people a gift, and it takes a lot of effort to pick something out, try to tailor it to the person receiving the gift, and even to wrap and make the packaging look nice.  It takes more effort if they have to mail it, too.  The least you can do is write them a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude for the gift.  You don't have to write a novel.  2-3 sentences will do!

5 // Fake It Til You Make It
So, you didn't love the "I love Llama" socks your crazy aunt gave you for your birthday this year?  Don't worry about it.  You don't have to lie and tell her you loved them so much and llamas are your favorite... because then you might get more llama stuff in the future.  Be gracious without being overly specific.

"Thank you so much for the llama socks!  They are so soft and cozy, and are a perfect addition to my weekend reading curled up by the fire."

Hopefully this has inspired you to get creative with your thank you notes, the packaging, and the writing inside.  Make your Mamas proud and start surprising people with that small piece of mail.  You'll be surprised at what great feedback you'll receive! :)  PLUS, who doesn't love getting mail?  I SURE DO!!!

Do you have any tips on writing stellar Thank You Notes?  Let me know in the comments below!
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