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Happy Monday, y'all!

I joined my first Swap event recently with Kallie at But first, coffee a few weeks ago and am excited to share my experience with you today despite being several weeks late on the sharing.  I blame my busy schedule!

The swap was titled "Where I'm From" and it was an opportunity to get to know another girl somewhere in the US and send them a little something something from your hometown that they would like!  Needless to say, it was a blast, and I LOVE the person I got paired up with!  I wish we lived closer because I know Elyse and I would hang out!

Elyse is from Grand Rapids, MI so naturally everything was from near there or just the happening state of Michigan! :)  Here's what she sent:

Talk about being spoiled.  Homegirl totally hooked me up!

Let's break it down now...

1 // Slabtown Coffee Caramel Corn

Holy moly, y'all this stuff is amazing.  I am embarrassed to say I ate most of this in one sitting.  It was so good.  It's essentially caramel corn dipped in coffee.  Tell me that's not a heavenly combination!  I was reluctant to share so you know it was good!

2 // Beers: Founder's Dirty Bastard, Traverse City Cherry Wheat, Short's Brew Soft Parade
I have only had the Traverse City Cherry Wheat so far, but it was delicious!  I can't wait to try my other two.  Elyse and her hubby are big craft beer drinkers, so I sent her some of Fort Worth's Rahr beers in her "Where I'm From Box".  I told you;  I think we are soul sisters.
Founder's Dirty Bastard: "Brewed with seven varieties of imported malts.  Hints of smoke and peat, paired with malty richness and a right hook of hop power to give it the bad attitude that a beer named Dirty Bastard has to live up to.  Ain't for the wee lads." (Founders Brewing)

Traverse City Cherry Wheat: "Traverse City is the cherry capital of the world and now Montmorency Cherries for this colorful town in Michigan's 'Up North' have made their way into a wheat beer for the ages, for a taste that's totally cherry." (Atwater Beer)

Short's Brew Soft Parade: "a specialty pour brewed with toasted rye flakes and two-row malted barley.  Loaded with pureed strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, the brewers refer to this fermented potion as a fruit infused rye ale." (Short's Brewing)

3 // Leelanau Wine Cellars - Summer Sunset

I can't express how excited I am about this bad boy!  It's like a fruity, crisp glass of wonderful. I will be enjoying the rest of this beauty on the 4th of July!
"Our semi-dry blush wine will fill your palate with flavors of fresh strawberry, honeydew melon and ripe cantaloupe.  Perfect for a picnic or simply enjoying the Leelanau sunset from any vantage." (Leelanau Cellars)

4 // Bark Bars
The border collies were spoiled by Harlie and Cash, Elyse's sweet pups!  They got two delicious bark bars, creamy peanut butter and peanut butter and carab chip, to nom on and let me tell you they were gone in about 60 seconds!  The border collies love you so much Elyse!

My babies and I sent Harlie and Cash some tasty treats from Three Dog Bakery in Plano.  Naturally we had to take some tasty treats of our own home, too, but we were more excited to send Harlie and Cash their goodies! (P.S. Harlie's middle name is Mae too!!! Omggggg we are soul sisters.)

5 // Table Cloth and Plates
Elyse is one of the most thoughtful friends I have ever made.  She has this gorgeous deck I am seriously coveting and because I don't have a deck to sip my wine on she sent me these gorgeous plates and tablecloth to bring a little deck lovin' into my home.  She  has the same table cloth on her table on her deck and just wanted to share it.  Seriously love this new friend!

So, thanks Kallie at But first, Coffee for pairing us together!  You didn't know it then, but you have started a fabulous new friendship.  Only negative, she lives in Michigan.  Details details, I suppose.

If you ever have an opportunity to participate in one of these swaps I highly encourage it!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. Wow! This is so fun!! I'm a Texan too and have never been to Michigan :-p

  2. This is SUCH a cool idea! I would love to participate next time :)


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