{Time is a Gift}

So, there was this one time I fell off the face of the blog earth.  Whoops.  I am spread a liiiiiitle bit thin right now, so thank you for bearing with me and showing me grace!  Since I am transferring out of my current job in a month I have been working like a mad woman to document all I do, complete projects and make sure I have nothing open when it's time for me to say my "good byes".

A typical day in the life lately:
6:15 am - Alarm 1 - snooze
6:30 am - Alarm 2 - snooze
6:45 am - Alarm 3 - snooze
7:00 am - Alarm 4 - Finally crawl out of bed - I really have to cut this out and get up at 6:15 or 6:45 at the LATEST.
8:20 am - Out the door
8:30 am - Arrive at work
12:00 pm - Lunch break/work out if I don't go get lunch with people
5:15 pm - Head to class/sit in traffic
6:00 pm - Squeak in just in time to hear the opening remarks
9:00 pm - Head home
9:30 pm - Do some semblance of a work out if didn't get to work out at lunch
10:00/10:15 pm - Eat dinner
10:45 pm - Shower
11:00 pm - Dry hair/hop into bed and snooze or watch TV/read/quiet time

Repeat Monday-Thursday, and man Saturdays meet from 9 am - 4 pm.
Ridiculous, no?  Busy, busy, busy, but I am loving what I'm learning at teacher class and crave more time learning.

Since practically every minute of my life seems to be scheduled lately it got me thinking about what a precious gift time is and how much I under-appreciate the flexibility my schedule used to have.  I am a person who really enjoys being busy and involved too, and even I am now appreciating the luxury of creating your own schedule more now.

In my May and June goals I talked about wanting to be intentional with my time and the people I spent that time with.  I am so grateful for the time I spent earlier this month and last month really investing in my relationships.  Especially with Ryan, because LORD knows the stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep is really getting to me lately and causing me to be snappy now.  I am thankful he knows the real me, and is showing me patience and grace during this busy season.

My time with the LORD has been very sweet too, though I'm still falling short in my daily quiet time.  I have been overwhelmed with worry and anxiety about my first year of teaching.  I want to be a fantastic teacher, and there's a lot of unknown, a massive learning curve, and a huge lack of experience on my end and I don't want my students to suffer or even know this is my first year teaching.  They will only be in second grade once, hopefully, and I want them to look back at our time together fondly and laugh because it was full of joy and laughter.  My time with the LORD has been a constant reminder that He has ordained all of this, and if I doubt my abilities I am doubting that He has big plans for me, including conquering my anxieties.  I am so thankful I serve such a mighty God.  I surrender my anxiety to you, LORD.

Have you been intentional with your time?  Our time is such a precious gift; don't waste it!

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