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I think Oakley Mae is competing for the spot as "World's Worst Dog", or maybe she just wants a book written about her.  How about a blog post, Oakley Mae?  That will have to suffice.

I really don't know what to make of little Miss Oakley.  Some days I think we're making tremendous process, other days feel like we have taken 3 steps backwards.  Silly girl.  It's a good thing she's insanely cute and an excellent snuggler.  (Not that we could ever give her away... even though I like to joke to her that we will!)

Anyway, OM inspired this post on Father's Day after an evening at my older sister's house.  Christen, my older sister, currently lives in a house that butts up to a golf course (I say currently because they move in 9 days!).

The border collies were really good when we first got to my sister's house.  Her dogs were less than thrilled to have other pups over, but everyone was getting along fine, doing the whole "smell it out" approach.  We were all sitting on the patio (Christen, my Aunt Peggy, my Dad, and me) munching on chips and dip when Oakley decided everything on the table was hers and she started growling, bearing her teeth, and lunging at one of Christen's dogs.  Jetta happened to be standing near the other dog and started getting aggressive towards her when Oakley started doing this.  I called Jetta off, took Oakley to time out in the kennel and loved on the other dog.  Dumb dogs.  Dumb Oakley for starting it all and ever thinking that salsa and guacamole were ever really hers.

Later, after her stint of time out, during dinner all the dogs were being calm and resting until Oakley decided she would walk around and spotted the fish tank with the giant part-piranha fish in it.  Oakley was certain this fish was staring at her and she was not having any of it.  She growled and barked at the stupid fish who just kept staring back at her, because it's duh, a fish.  I was done with dinner so I grabbed her collar and made her come sit by me when consoling her didn't work, primarily because I was afraid she'd lunge at the tank and it would over.  That would have been fun for absolutely no one.  After I let her go she growled a little more, but eventually lost interest.

Finally, my youngest nephew, Matt, and I went outside onto the golf course to throw the baseball around while the puppies stayed in the gated yard.  The border collies really wanted to come play, but couldn't figure out how to get out.  Jack, my older nephew, decided he wanted to join us and accidentally let Oakley out when he wasn't paying attention.

Oakley took off running.  She ran all over the golf course, around the pond (didn't swim thankfully), up and down hills, all over.  I had worn a sundress thinking we would just enjoy dinner and hang out on the patio catching up and spending time with my Dad for Father's Day.  I had clearly not anticipating running all over the place, climbing over the fence to the pond or anything.  Luckily, 7 minutes into her run, she came running up a hill directly towards me.  I squatted down to receive her and to my surprise she didn't take off again!  I was starting to think she was going to be a good girl and not run off again.

I walked her back to the gated yard and my nephews and I started throwing the baseball again.  Not 5 minutes later I watched as the border collies figured out how to lift the latch on the gate and escape.  Wouldn't you guess they shot off for a little joy run?  Luckily Jetta is a pretty good listener and I was able to call her back to me after she ran for a few moments.  Matt chased after Oakley who didn't follow Jetta back like she normally does, little turd, and Jack, Jetta, and I started walking in the direction we saw Oakley and Matt take off.

At some point they had headed towards the front of the houses near the street and I started to get nervous.  Oakley has this horrible habit of "herding cars".  We've never allowed her on our street to know whether or not she'd do it in town, but since we let the girls roam at the lakehouse she has had plenty of opportunities to herd/circle the mailman's car, any lost cars, or family or friend's pulling in and out of the drive.  I dropped Jetta off inside when we came to the front of Christen's house and heard Jack call to me that Matt had Oakley.

I ran around to the back of the house and saw Matt holding on to Oakley's collar with a dripping wet Oakley Mae, who took a quick dip in the pond, trotting beside him.

Matt is not a big kid, but he must be strong, because Oakley is pretty strong and probably ways almost as much as he does.  The image of the two of them walking up was quite a site.  All Matt said to me was, "Never let her out again.", and later, "She is not a good listener."  You are quite right Matt, and I am so grateful you ran with her for probably a mile.  You are a good sport!  I definitely owe both boys a dessert item of their choice for helping me wrangle Oakley.

So, despite spending much of the evening reprimanding my pup and not getting to spend as much time loving hanging out with family, it was a pretty fun and funny night.  For all the times Oakley Mae is bad, I can't help but love her anyway.  At least she keeps life interesting and is dang cute!  I couldn't ask for two better border collies... but I could ask for Oakley to listen a little better... maybe one day!

Car rides are fun with Oakley Mae.  She stands on the center console most of the ride when she's not trading off between the front and back seats.

Jetta Belle snuggled extra good on Saturday night.

We sent these pictures to Ry because we missed him and were ready for him to come home!

Share your funny dog stories below!  I would LOVE to hear them and laugh with you! :)

Dogs rock.  Even the troublemakers.

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  1. OMG!! Hilarious. Picturing 2 border collies joy riding around a golf course makes me giggle :)


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