{ABC's of Gratitude}

I. Am. Tired. Y'all.

As this has been the first week of teacher training that means I have had earlier mornings, longer days, and rarely made it to bed before midnight.  I have been productive though, and have been getting really excited, and nervous, to become a teacher!

So, as a pick me up, I'm taking a page out of Simply Clarke today and bringing you a list of things that are currently rocking my world on the gratitude meter.  By the way, if you're looking for an excellent read, Simply Clarke is always a good read and the posts are usually pretty inspiring, encouraging, challenging, and always a blessing.

Apricots.  They are so good!  I have had 3 this week. #sorryimnotsorry

Border Collies.  They make life better, and are so happy to see me when I get home!

Can'es.  Ryan brought me this for dinner last night, with 3 sauces because I'm obsessed and have no self control.  Thanks babe. :)  You know me well.

Dad.  I have had a lot of good conversations and texts with Papa McD this week.  I am grateful for a wonderful Daddy.

Elyse.  Through the "Where I'm From Swap" by Kallie at But First, Coffee I have gotten to meet a fabulous girl named Elyse.  I'm fairly certain we'd hang out frequently if she lived closer, but alas Grand Rapids and Dallas are pretty far apart.  I can't wait to share what she sent me tomorrow!

Friends.  I have made a lot of new friends through my alternative certification program, and I'm really enjoying my new friendships.  I get excited to see them each night, and if we're going to have to be there for three hours four times a week, and some full Saturdays, it sure makes it easier to have awesome new friends.

Gladness.  Despite the tiredness I am experiencing such gladness with this teacher training.  I am PUMPED to be a teacher!

Happy.  Going along with the gladness, I am so happy.  Happy to be transitioning, happy to be getting a classroom full of kiddos to teach and encourage, and happy to be using my time and talents to serve these kids.

Ice breakers. I've never had so much fun getting to know new friends. 

Jams. Due to my extended drive to and from class I've had a lot of time to jam out in my car. 

Kids. I've learned so much already and how to teach them, how to make it stick, and what they will likely be bringing to class with them (baggage, etc). Can't wait to serve them well. 

Laughter. I've done lots of laughing during training. Learning is fun when you're laughing.

Mornings. I used to sleep in until the last minute but since I have to leave work early I also have to get there early. The quiet time in the morning with The Lord and my border collies sure is sweet. 

Newness. New things are so exciting!

Opportunity. I have the opportunity to set my classroom up for success and to make it the best ever. #letsdothis

Purses and oversized bags. I have so much to carry these days I'm grateful for a spot to put everything. 

Quick trip coffee. You $1.15 glass of delicious, you. 

Rest. Running on empty isn't an option. 

Smiles. They can quickly change your mood. 

Teachers. I've had some great trainers/teachers this week that I really want to mimic some things after. 

Undies. VS semi annual sale is going on. #awesome

Little victories.

Wine. I got some fabulous wine from Elyse I can't wait to sip on.

Xtra hours of sleep this weekend. 

Yucatan sand volleyball. Can't wait to play this weekend!

Zero school on Sunday. Yay!!!

What are you thankful for?? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Um, love that I made this list! I was reading it and had to do a double take! I am honored =)


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