{Weekend Recap - Celebrate, Celebrate!}

I love to celebrate, which meant this weekend was a fabulous opportunity to do so between Mother's Day and my birthday!  There's something lovely about gathering together to celebrate the ones you love with the ones you love. :)

I got to spend Friday volunteering at Leadercast since my company was co-sponsoring the event.  Haven't ever heard of Leadercast?  I hadn't either until this year, so I grabbed this off their website:

"Leadercast is a brand that builds Leaders Worth Following."

(Also from their website)
Leadercast believes:
  • Leaders should think and behave differently.
  • Certain behaviors serve as the framework of a leader worth following:
    • Simplicity - brings clarity to the complex.
    • Creativity - fosters an atmosphere that allows others to dream.
    • Bravery -  possesses a posture of unrelenting boldness.
    • Beyond You - leverages influence for the sake of others.
    • Insight - resolves to consistently do the right thing.
    • Vision - moves towards a preferred future with little deviation.
    • Culture - architects the conditions to win.

Each year, Leadercast puts on a global simulcast event based in Atlanta filled with keynote speakers who believe in the Leaders Worth Following mentality and are actively promoting that change within our culture.    The speaker line up included Andy Stanley, Malcolm Gladwell, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Randall Wallace, Bill McDermott, Laura Schroff, Dr. Henry Cloud, Simon Sinek, and Former First Lady, Laura Bush.

The event was actually pretty cool and was centered around the idea of "Beyond You Leadership".  I walked away feeling hungry to make a difference.  Next year's event will be centered around the concept of bravery.  It should be pretty good.

Since the event started early, the day was done around 4:00 and I headed over to the Nodding Donkey to meet up with the lovely Jasmine since I had canceled our breakfast date earlier in the week.

After we ordered our second drink a waitress walked over with 4 drinks in hand and asked us if we had ordered this and that.  We said no, that we had just gotten what we ordered, and so she walked off.  Not 2 minutes later our waitress walked up with the drinks and said that she had forgotten to write "don't make" when she entered them into the system since she input them after she gave us our beverages.  So, we each got 2 drinks for free!!  Talk about starting off the weekend right! :)

Saturday was busy (story of my life currently) and unfortunately I didn't get to sleep in.  I haven't been able to sleep for several weekends now, pooohooohoo, which is a bummer, but the training I got to attend was really interesting and made the 8-4 session more worthwhile.

When I got home I found this on the door...

And this in the fridge. :)

Ryan came home not much later with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and started making me a tie-dye birthday cake!  Yes, he loves me!

Sweet right?!

As I was about to hop in the shower to get ready for a night of bowling with friends Ryan dropped the "our hot water heater is busted" bomb on me.  Yep, that meant a cold shower for me or figuring something else out.  Thank goodness, Lauren and Michael live down the street from us and she was gracious enough to let me use their shower!

Bowling was a tremendous success, and I'm so grateful to have such fun and thoughtful friends!  Thanks to everyone who shared the evening celebrating with me!




Sweet color glowing candles

Sunday after church we celebrated Mama Nabors with brunch at Lekka.  It's delicious and a must try if you live in the Big D!  We then had a delicious Nothing Bundt Cake and coffee at their house.  #yum  I am so lucky to have such a fabulous Mother-In-Law.

After my first nap in the last several weeks, I met Mama McD at the nail salon for pedicures.  Our toes obviously look fabulous now.  We shared wonderful, vulnerable conversation over wine and a board game at her house afterwards.  I am grateful for the conversations that were shared last night and I am so thankful that I can call her Mom.  She is the best.

So after a weekend of celebration it's back to the grind.  How did you celebrate this weekend?

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