{May Goals}

I was inspired by Jenni at Frankly My Dear yesterday reading about her goals for the month.  I've decided to do some monthly goal setting of my own, and I think this is definitely a new thing I'd like to add each month.  Jenni also said something fantastic about goal setting in general that I think is a great reminder for me and I wanted to share with y'all so maybe you'll be encouraged to make some monthly goals too:

"... with this goal setting thing there's really no need for excuses...and honestly there's some beauty in failure. Knowing that my identity is not in these goals or in the success of achieving them is incredibly freeing. Yes, setting goals is a necessity in life, but our worth is not based on them. It's so easy to be discouraged by the failure, yet humbling to know that God has given me another month to work on them, to teach me more. Be encouraged!"

Lovely reminder, isn't it?  I thought so!

So, here goes my first swing at monthly goals!

1) Spend more time in the word and prayer.  I have gotten out of my morning quiet time routine, and that's unacceptable.  It's time to get back in the groove of things and start my day praising the one who made me.  Luckily a sweet friend has agreed to be an accountability partner, so fingers crossed!  Need some accountability?  Let me know.  It's always easier with an accountability partner.

2) Get clean and organized.  Our house seems to always be a little messy these days.  This month I'd like to organize the guest room and keep our house cleanier, which is not so easy with two border collies constantly going in and out.  Mama McD has told me she'd help me organize, so that's my game plan.  Operation get guest room together will happen in May!  Hooray!

3) Be intentional.  June will bring about a really busy season of life due to some pretty big changes happening in the next couple of months.  So, in the month of May I want to be very intentional with my time.  It will be hard for me, but I am hoping to not over commit myself to extracurriculars so I can spend some quality time with my man and our friends and family before things get hectic.  Besides, there's nothing wrong with a season of rest.

I can't announce what the changes are just yet, but will soon.  (Sorry to burst your bubble if this is what you're thinking, but no, we are NOT expecting.  Not yet, anyway.  We've got places to travel to and stuff to do for the time being. :)  Sorry!)

4) Eat healthier.  Since we've been pretty busy lately I haven't been great about planning healthy, balanced meals.  This month I'd like to make a few more home cooked meals and incorporate more veggies into our diets, at least having a fruit and veggie with every meal.

I think these are definitely attainable and I'm looking forward to working on making accomplishing them while remembering that if I fail, failure doesn't define me.

What are your May goals?  Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Loved finding your blog and learning more about you through these goals. I love the one about being intentional. That's a big goal for me this summer too.


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