{If Job Interviews Used Buzzfeed Survey Answers}

As I sat there discovering what my personal theme song was from Buzzfeed, I stopped in my tracks at this question:

"How do you handle a challenge?"

a) Make a Plan
b) Freak Out
c) Attack It
d) Procrastinate
e) Get to Work
f) Do Whatever a Champion Does

What does F even mean?

Obviously I handle every situation a little differently, but ultimately I make a plan and figure out what my next steps are.  But before that I could freak out, procrastinate, attack it, or get to work.  Does a champion do all these things?  Obviously.  But let's get real, I'm not choosing that answer.

This got me thinking about corporate recruiters.  How do they tell the bologna from the truth?  I guess if you recruit for a living you learn how to weed out the BS-ers and find out who's actually telling the truth.  I guess that's also why so many interviewers ask for a situation in which you demonstrated x, y, z... situations where answers "like a champion" don't cut it and get you written off.

Whoa... rabbit trail.  Anyway, how awesome would it be if recruiters had access to information like this.  I guess it wouldn't be awesome, more different, but I don't know I tend to answer pretty truthfully on some of these quizzes, duh because I want true results..., but I think on these bogus Buzzfeed tests I'd be more likely to answer truthfully even if it didn't make me look the best.  Ya know?

Like who's going to tell someone in an interview, "Yeah, I'd totally procrastinate if faced with a challenge."  No one.  Ever.  Unless they're not interested in getting the job.  In which, why did you go to the interview in the first place?

Think about how much you could really find out about somebody by the way they answer their Buzzfeed quizzes.  Am I reading too much into this?  Perhaps.  Definitely.

On "How much of a Disney Princess are you?" it asked me to check off all that applied.  I feel these would be important for a future employer to know.
  • I am bookish AND beautiful. - well obviously
  • I put others before myself.
  • I am humble.
  • I'd easily make big sacrifices for my loved ones.
  • I am brave.
  • I would do anything to defend my family's honor.
Man this movie is so good!

Okay, so there really weren't that many more that applied that day after I looked around, but the first one inspired this post.  You're welcome.

Oh, and just so you know, Buzzfeed thinks my personal theme song is Queen, "Another One Bites the Dust". because my answers indicate I'm "obviously cool".  I can't say I agree with my results... though clearly I am cool. ;)

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