{Guilty Pleasure: People Watching}

Sitting on the Chuy's patio last night, celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Ry and Mama and Papa Nabors inspired me for today's post.  Since it was Cinco de Mayo it was a given that we'd be waiting at any mexican restaurant we went to... especially for a spot on the patio since Texas has hit that prime patio weather time.  Between the crowds of people, the DJs varying between Cinco de Mayo more relevant music, and then some straight up club music, and the deliciously festive margaritas and other Cinco libations it was the perfect opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite guilty pleasures... people watching.

People watching can come in many forms.  Last night was mostly filled with watching guys become bolder with each drink to talk to, and drunkenly dance with, some of the girls celebrating Cinco.  I've broken the people watching down into some categories.  Granted there are infinite categories, but these are a few notables.

1) Dancing - drunkenly or otherwise
This has got to be one of the most fun things to stumble upon when people watching.  There's something endearing about the guy who clearly feels uncomfortable about being seen on the outside awkwardly dancing but likes the girl who loves to dance and is gettin' her groove on.  You go Glen Coco.  You own that hip rock and arms slightly raised.

Then there's the over-served population of dancers who now think they're Beyonce, MJ, or part of the SYTYCD group.  While you've nearly mastered the pop, lock, and drop it, you've also managed to look like you're having a slight seizure.  But despite that fact, most people around you have had as much or more than you to drink and to them you're a dancing master.

Of course you and that random guy looked just like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey!... That's right, no one puts you in a corner!

Then there's the girls who just don't care.  They're not there to get picked up, and they're concerned with taking someone home.  They're just there to dance, and everyone knows it... because they're sweaty, singing every lyric like they wrote the dang song, busting a move in the middle of any dance circle that might break out, and only stop to re-hydrate with their beverage of choice.  I am proud to say I usually fall into this category, and there's no shame in that.  Right?

Lastly, there's little kid dancing.  It is always hilarious and can often be impressive.  Like last night, this little kid, probably 8 or 9 years old, stood up and schooled everyone with his 15-20 second dance session.  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  My handsome husband even high fived him as we were leaving.  Little kid, you are a stud.  Any kid dancing is usually pretty cute and always a good time to watch in my book.

2) First Date
These are fairly close seconds in my book to encounter during people watching.  There's bound to be someone sitting nervously or on their best behavior (making mothers proud all over the world), someone on their phone glancing occasionally around so they don't look like their waiting for someone while clearly hoping they don't get stood up, the first meeting handshake or side hug, and it's either vividly a huge success or horrible fail.

3) Amusement Park/Fair/Event
This is the last one I'll mention today, but this is a fantastic place to people watch.  When I was growing up I envied the couples that would walk around with their hands tucked tightly into each others pockets as they waited in line or walked around together.  Now I find it somewhat uncomfortable.  I'm all for holding hands or standing close when you're in line together, but is the hand in the pocket totally necessary?

I guess it can be done less awkwardly?  Maybe?

Then there's the girl walking around the giant stuffed animal her significant other had to win her and probably spent $30 on, because let's be honest, those games are rigged.  A) No one can walk around easily with a giant stuffed animal in tow, and B) where are you going to display that?  It's going to take up your entire bed.

Lastly, there's the people watching that warms your heart.  A family enjoying time together.  A group of friends enjoying a fun day.  Lots of celebration and smiles.

So, thank you Chuy's patio for the inspiration.  I can't be alone here, right?  Who else loves some good people watching?


  1. its my favorite hobby. especially in an airport.

  2. This made me laugh. I think we are all guilty of people watching lol. I love it!


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