{FIVE on Friday}

Happy FriYAY friends!  I hope you're looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.  I woke up this morning convinced it was Saturday.  #fail  Obviously I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Time to link up with the lovies (Darci, April, Christina, and Natasha) again and share my FIVE on Friday!

1) Baylor Besties in Texas!
My sweet friends, Cari and Adair, are in town for a wedding this weekend - YAY!  Since they're in town, that means the old Baylor gang is getting together for brunch on Sunday!  That means I'll be spending some quality, good-for-the-soul time with some of my most favorite people - Cari, Allison, Adair, Lauren, Megan to name a few in no particular order!  I. CAN'T. WAIT.

2) Chicken Scratch
I am determined to get Ryan to take me to the delicious establishment this weekend, and if I can convince him well, tonight will be the night!  Everything about this place screams delicious, and the outdoor area is perfect for summer nights like this where it's not too sweltering to enjoy being outdoors.

3) Running Outside
This weekend I plan to run outside both Saturday and Sunday.  Yesterday I attended training at our company and one of the topics discussed was excellence.  One major take away for me was not to complain about the circumstances.  I haven't been running lately, primarily because I had the sinus infection for so long, but later on this week I could have gone for some beautiful runs but just didn't.  I have been doing Blogilates which has been a nice change, but it's time to get back to the grind and run.

Several of my favorite bloggers have talked about their commitment to run even in the elements and that is inspiring.  So, I'm going to be excellent and not complain about the circumstances, especially because I live in the Lone Star State and it's about to get hot up in here.

My marathon training starts Monday, and I'm pretty excited to start training for that.  It's one step closer to Ironman 140.6 Texas on May 16, 2015!!!

One of my runs this weekend will also include a border collie.  Why?  Because, they're awesome, and I think they're both going to be great running buddies, we just need to work on the not doddling, or tripping Mom thing.  AND I have this sweet hands free, waist leash Ryan bought me and the girls a while ago and I haven't tried yet.  I think I'm going to try and take Oakley Mae because I think she has a lot of potential.  I'll have to let you know how that goes. :)

3) Border Collies
Because I haven't talked about these babies enough lately, and I adore them to pieces.  Over Memorial Weekend the girls played so hard and were exhausted when we piled into the car to head home.  They were the first ones in the car and were passed out before we even pulled out of the driveway.

Sleepy Jetta Belle

One night we couldn't find Oakley and I went upstairs to find her sleeping on our bed.  Sweet baby put herself to bed.  We had washed the bedding and everything and homegirl was not thrilled about having to be moved so Mom could make the bed.  Silly baby.

4) Nature Box Vanilla Macaroon Granola
Holy heck, Batman, this granola is killer! My sister-in-law gave me a Nature Box 3 month subscription for my birthday.  It's quickly become one of my favorite gifts.  Each month I get to select 5 treats from a huge list of options, and the bags are full size bags - not little tester bags.  The first month I went more sweet, the second month I have selected more savory items.  They give you the calorie count information and there are filters for products that are gluten-free or soy-free, etc.

The Vanilla Macaroon Granola is heavenly.  I love Macaroons which made this selection an easy choice, but I had no idea what heavenly goodness would accompany this granola. It's really sweet which is nice because I don't just want to stuff my face and eat the whole bag in one sitting.  After a couple pinches of this I was totally satisfied.  Omg, it's good stuff.  Thanks, Brittany, for such an awesome gift!

5) New Jeans
Time for some honesty... my upper thighs are out of control.  I call it Half Ironman muscle, some call it runner's legs, some call it fat, whatever the name my jeans just weren't fitting great anymore.  Normally it's the calf area that gives me a little bit of trouble, but nearing the end of my Half Ironman training my jeans were just not fitting great.  In my past two weeks of pretty low-key working out sinus-infection induced laziness, the waist got a little tight too.  Urg...

So, I have been on the hunt for new jeans.  I am cheap though, and picky, and this generally proves to be a problem in a world super obsessed with skinny jeans which are just not flattering on my legs.  With a mission to find boot cut jeans at a not overly expensive price, I found some at Target, where I usually have zero luck in the jean department.

I'm digging this new brand called Paisley Sky.  At $34.99 a pair, these are a steal and still have some cute detailing on them without going overboard on bedazzling.  They are super comfortable and they actually fit really well.  *Just so you know, my normal jean size did fit, but I opted for the next size up because they were a little more flattering and with all my marathon training I imagine my thighs will stay big, so YAY ME for not letting the number on the tag sway my opinion.*

Ryan calls them my fat jeans.  I digress.  He's teasing of course, but maybe he's right.  However, operation lake body is in full force between Blogilates and running AND adult gymnastics.  Don't forget about that little gem. :)

How will you be spending your weekend?


  1. I keep hearing about NatureBox! Need to check it out. Also, yay for marathon training! Excited to hear how it goes for you. Props for your positive attitude :)

  2. Part or all of this post was stolen by the blogger at benaffleckbatman.net. He did it to me too (and several others as well.) His blog needs to be taken down! As of today, I have been unable to contact him. Perhaps you will have better luck. Just thought you should know that someone is stealing from you.


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