{Five on Friday}

Haven't joined in on the Friday Five in so long, but I KNOW I can come up with 5 things to celebrate!  Care to join in on the fun?  Click the button below!

1// It's a holiday weekend celebrating the ones who died for our freedom.  Join me in praying for our armed forces and the families that have lost brave husbands, wives, daughters,sons, children, etc.  Thank you, brave ones.

In addition to praying for, and remembering, our brave men and women, the Nabors will be lakeside all weekend long!  I think I speak for all of us when I say we could not be more excited for some R&R, jet skiing and boating, and just soaking up sunshine.  Jetta Belle and Oakley Mae could not be more excited for 72+ hours of swimming, frolicking, and running wild.  It's a win-win for all!

2// I am officially on my non-joke-getting computer doctor prescribed Z-Pack and steroids.  Why does this count as something to celebrate, you might be asking yourself?  Well, I haven't been able to breathe well and I have had crud in my throat since, so the thought of running just seemed unbearable because I'd be wheezing every breath and I've frankly just been too tired to work out.  But yesterday I ate one two .50 cent corndogs from Sonic (I have no willpower)... so homegirl needs to get back on the workout bus.  Yeah...  So, there's that.  Plus, I enjoy working out.  I think it helps keep me sane.  Can I get an amen from all those that agree?

{Legally Blonde}

3// I shared this delicious flat bread of heaven with a side of carrot cake as big as my face on a patio with one my favorite co-workers today for lunch.  These beauties can be found at Kona Grill, and you know that's one of the best places to people watch - my fav!

Seared Tuna & Crab Flatbread

Carrot Cake

4// I'm getting my eyebrows waxed in 15 minutes!!!  So, I've gotta finish this up and JET!  They are caterpillar-esque, so it's a welcome waxing!

5// It's FRIYAY and my office closed early!!!!  Time to go get my weekend started.

Happy Friday and holiday weekend friends!!  What's your Five on Friday?  Be sure to leave me some love below and follow me on bloglovin'!

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  1. I think I'm calling it Friyay from now on!


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