{Feeling Misunderstood}

As I'm driving to meet up with my friend Jen for half priced bottles of wine at Villa-O and dinner last night I have Siri and the apple map app open giving me driving directions.  Not that I really needed the directions, but I was hoping Siri would give me some magic path to take around the horrendous traffic.  She did not.  Why am I not surprised?

What did surprise me, however, is as I'm sitting there rocking out to something clearly fabulous on the radio Siri starts to tell me my exit is coming up.  As I hear her start to speak I pick up my phone to look at the map, while still singing mind you, and she cuts herself off mid-sentence... like she was waiting for me to stop being so rude and not interrupt her!  I'm sure you're thinking, "yeah, Taylor's officially lost it...", but I kid you not people, Siri stopped talking and waited for me to finish singing before she started talking to me again.

I thought about testing my theory out again, but Siri told me, before I could interrupt her of course, that I had "reached my destination".  Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure my smart phone is smarter than I ever imagined... or I've been on too much Mucinex my brain cells are suffering as a result and the multiple tall buildings interrupted my cell phone service.  Call it what you want. :)

In other news, the doctor in the computer (aka the Redi MD doctor we have access to at work) officially diagnosed me with a sinus infection since it's been a week and I still have this horrible sinus problem.  He prescribed me a Z-Pack and then steroids saying, "have you taken steroids before?"  Naturally, I replied, "not since my gym days, haha... just kidding...".  Doc in the computer did not laugh and proceeded to say steroids are good at knocking out infections.  I'm blaming the 5 second communication delay for not delivering my humor well over the internet.

First Siri, now computer doctor.  I'm feeling so misunderstood.

How's that for my 100th post? :)

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