{Be All There}

Such a simple thing to hear, but a much more difficult thing to do.  I talked about my May Goals earlier this month, and one of the goals I had was about being more intentional this month.  I think I desire this in many areas of my life too.  

I want to be intentional with/in:
- my husband
- my walk with Christ and my quiet times
- the time spent with friends/family
- my rest
- my commitments
- etc.

I have changed my cell phone background to the image above, to remind me of just that.  In every area mentioned above I know I have been guilty of not being there.  Even in my rest, I'm on my cell phone or Pinterest or letting my mind wander 1,000 miles away from where I am.  Ridiculous, no?  

I don't want to be that person that jumps every time her cell phone goes off, or who can't look someone in the eye while having a conversation, or doesn't put down the phone at dinner or wherever I may be.  We all have that friend who can't give you their full attention.  It doesn't make you feel like you're worth much, does it?
What do you do to be all there?  If my phone is proving to be a distraction, for a week, I'm going to try turning off my phone to see if that helps me give my all wherever I am.  What will you do to be all in wherever you are?
Friends, wherever you are be all there.

Thanks to one of my new favorite blogs to follow, Jenni at Frankly My Dear, for letting me join in on Tuesday Tea!  Check out some other great blogs via the link below.


  1. Love this challenge! It's not always easy but it's always worth it when I fully engage with whomever or wherever I am.

  2. I saw this quote recently and I love it! At the beginning of this year I chose one word that I wanted to be my "theme" for this year and that word was "deliberate". It's not easy, but I'm trying!

  3. Y'all are so right. I like knowing I have invested in the people I am with, and deliberate is a really good word to focus on. Can you imagine what our world would look like if everyone took this approach?


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