{7 Things That Helped me Get Well}

Wellllllllllllllllllll, I'm back!

So, not to dwell on the fact that I was MIA the past week (fail), but last week was pretty typical for my busy life lately, not to mention I was down for the count with some sinus allergy infection that zapped me.  So, I'm sorry I left you hanging!  Since I'm feeling better and today's the first day I haven't slept the most of, if not the entire, day away I decided to make a list of 7 things (10 was too ambitious) that helped kick my sinus infection to the curb... well mostly.  I'm still just a weee bit congested.  Boo.

7 Things I'm Fairly Certain Made Me Well:
  1. The beautiful invention that is sinus allergy medicine.  And lots of it.
  2. Sleeping for easily 60+ hours this past weekend.  Despite sleeping away my weekend, my body obviously needed it and it was glorious.
  3. Puffs Plus Lotion - my little Rudolph nose appreciates you, tissue.
  4. My handsome husband who not only checked on me consistently, kept me hydrated, gave me medicine, let me watch Netflix on his iPad, and let me sleep the whole weekend.  Ry, I am so thankful for you!
  5. Watching GRΣΣK on Netflix when not zonked out.  I can't believe I never watched this before.  Don't judge.  Makes me miss college and Chi O, but in a non-slutty fashion.
  6. Cold pizza - This is a weird one, but it was so delicious.
  7. Bubble baths - there's nothing like a soothing bubble bath anytime in my book, especially when you're sick.
  8. *Bonus late addition*: Border Collie Snuggles - I can't believe I left them off.

    Oakley Mae snuggling.  It's so dark.  Also the one on the right is just funny because she fell asleep in her antler shed.
What helps you when you're under the weather?

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