{Thank You Times a Million}

Good Morning friends!

Can you believe I have blogged three days in a row?  Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me either!  :)

Today I just wanted to take a moment, in this busy and nerve wracking week, and say thank you.  I started this process back in October, 7 long months ago!  I cannot believe it's almost go time, and I have your support to thank for it.

Ryan, thank you for trekking through this journey with me.  Thank you for giving me the freedom to figure out how to fit my training in all over the place, and for not giving me a hard time about spending a lot of time at the gym, in the pool, or on the trails.  Thank you for your patience when I needed to vent and when I put my needs before yours.  I'm sorry that I've been selfish at times.  Thank you for the race surprises and tires you've gotten me.  Thank you for making me laugh when my fears get the best of me, and when I get nervous about any of the 1,000 things I have to be scared of.  Thank you for the dinners you have made for us, and for helping keep our house clean when I have been exhausted.  Most of all, thank you for being so confident in my abilities and constantly building me up.  I love you so much.

Daddy, first, thank you for inspiring me.  I love to make you proud and hope to add this to the list Sunday.  Thank you for letting me call you and tell you about my workouts, and giving me advice to improve my skills.  Thank you for worrying about me when I wrecked out on the bike, or when I ran for longer than anticipated and showed up for dinner late.  Thank you for always asking about my training and for keeping me on track.  Thank you for your honesty when you knew I needed to step up my game, and for telling me this would be hard.  Thank you for telling me every day how proud you are of me and for reminding me to keep moving forward.  Thank you for your unending support.  I am so grateful you will be there by my side on Sunday.  I love you.

Mom, thank you for believing I can do this, and for being there when I cross this thing off my bucket list.  I know you don't understand why anyone would want to do this, but I thank you for your confidence in me and for helping see me through this.  Thank you for praying for my safety and success.  Thank you for your funny motivation and your encouragement you bring to every race you've watched me compete in, and for being one of my biggest fans.  I love you.

Thank you to my family that have encouraged the heck out of me and instilled confidence in my ability to finish this race.  I have had incredible amounts of support and you have strengthened me and helped me push harder.  Thank you for understanding and giving me grace while I tried to fit my workouts in.  Thank for praying for my safety and success, and for encouraging me regardless of the miles between us.  I love you all, and appreciate you so much!

Finally to my friends, thank you!  Thank you for sending me encouragement, for motivating me to keep going, for giving me flexibility to get my workouts in and spending time with me even when I was sweaty.  Thank you for pinning funny pictures, inspirational quotes, and sending me love.  You guys are an awesome support system!  I feel so lucky!

So, Sunday I race for all of you and for myself.  I can't express the gratitude and overwhelming support I have received from each one of you.  I will make you guys proud!

Here's to being 4 days away from insanity and knowing that there's no reason I shouldn't be a Half Ironman by Sunday evening.

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