{Happy Birthday Ry!}

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today the love of my life turns 27!  Man time has flown by!!  It seems like just yesterday I wrote this for his 26th bday!  Regardless, time to show a little love on the blog to my handsome man!


Happy Birthday my love!  I feel like this year has just flown by, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!  This year has been jam packed and there is never a dull moment for us.  I love our life.  You make life sweet.

I love the man you are, Ry.  I love that I never doubt you because you are strong in your faith and rooted in Christ.  I appreciate the care you put into our relationship, and the gentleness with which you love me.  You are a constant source of encouragement and an incredible friend.  You don't let anything happen to those you love.  You are such a good man.  I know our one day kids will see exactly what I mean in that too, like our friends do.  You will be such a great Dad when that time arrives.

I love you for letting me walk this road with you, for being spontaneous and fun, and reminding me that adventures are out there waiting to be found.  I love you because you make me try new things and embrace new cultures.  I love you because you are brave in every situation.  I love that you carefully consider what the best next steps are for our life.  I love because you are willing to learn, to grow with me, and because you allow us to be humble and vulnerable in our relationship even when it's not comfortable.  Thank you for forgiving quickly and not holding grudges, and encouraging me to do the same.  I love you because you love me despite my flaws.  I love you because you love me well and because you stifle insecurity.  I love you because you let me love you well.  I love you because you love Jesus.  I love you because you share the work around the house.  I love you because you are a lean, mean, grilling machine.  I love you because you get me and I get you.  I love the laughter that fills our home.  I love the way you love the border collies, and how obviously they love you... even if that means you are their favorite.  I love you because there are no other words that say how I feel about you more eloquently than those.

Happy 27th Birthday, my love.  You're the best husband a girl could ask for.  I am excited to see what this 27th year holds for you!  We are in good hands, and I praise the one who fearfully and wonderfully made you!

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