{10 Days}

10 days y'all.

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10 days until the biggest race of my life to date.  10 days until I test my training.  10 days until I prove I am worthy of the title.  10 days until my family and friends witness me pushing myself.  10 days until I'm officially titled "half crazy".  10 days until I do half of what my Dad was strong enough to finish.

10 days until I AM A HALF IRONMAN.

Oh, how sweet that sounds.

I am currently resting in a place of extreme excitement and teetering dangerously on the edge of insane anxiety.  Isn't it funny the way your mind makes you think you can't do something?  I keep having nightmares I don't finish my race, which is ridonkulous, because there's no reason I shouldn't finish.  Bloody and beat up, I will still finish.  Broken limbs, I will still try to finish.  Of course, that's all worst case scenario, duh.

My sweet husband and Dad have been nothing but support, saying I shouldn't doubt myself.  I have worked hard.  I have pushed myself.  I haven't cried!! :)  Thank goodness for good, strong support.  Love those men, and so many others that have encouraged me throughout this process.

Ryan continues to say, "it's 90% mental."  While I think it's probably more 80/20, I know his principle is right.  Maybe anyone is strong enough to complete a Half Ironman.  Anyone can willingly pay lots of money to put themselves through a grueling, 70.3 mile race.  Maybe it's only the brave, the ones that have mastered their mental game, that finish head held high.  I want to finish smiling, head held high, arms lifted (if they're functioning of course), and thank the sweet LORD above he helped me!

So, while I have 4 hours of ride time, 10 miles of run time, and 45 minutes to an hour of swimming ahead of me this weekend, I have lots of focusing in on being confident and mentally prepared.  I have even printed out some light reading about the mental game of triathlon and have been reading lots of triathlon related posts.

All for the sake of when this moment comes I can say, "Get the hell out of my way devil.  I'm finishing what I started."

What do you do to combat mental toughness/mind games/doubt?

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