{Spinning My Wheels}

I feel like Texas has truly embraced Katie Perry's "Hot N Cold" song.  What the what Lone Star?  GET IT TOGETHER MAN!

Not only is the hot and cold weather irritating the heck out of my sinuses, I feel like my body is constantly at risk for getting sick... especially when there are so many sick people wandering the halls of the office.

[Note to all you sick people: GO HOME!  Nobody wants to get sick.  Nobody wants to share your germs.  Work from home if you can't separate yourself from your work that long.  Trust me, your body will appreciate your taking it easy, and your non-sick co-workers will also greatly appreciate your not exposing them to your nasty sick germs.  Thanks!]

If you can't tell, I'm a little over the constantly changing weather conditions in the Lone Star State as of late.  It's not that I'm tired of the cold, because I'm not.  I enjoy sweater and boot season, and enjoy bundling up by a fire, drinking a delicious mug of coffee or hot chocolate.  Plus, winter is the best snuggling season and I have two border collies that love to snuggle with Ryan and me.  And summer obviously rocks because we live at the lake almost every weekend with the border collies, I can lay by the pool with a drink in hand, the sun is out longer so more time for extracurricular activities, and summer is just fun once you get past the fact that you're going to sweat regardless of what you wear.  Really it's a *win win* no matter what season we're in.

What I don't like is the hot then cold, hot then cold.  I'm actually beginning to think that because I've been doing so much training and eating moderately well, other than the fact it's Girl Scout cookie season and I also have a weakness for oreos, that my body has been fighting off infection pretty well this year.  That being said I hope I am not jinxing myself and am going to blog later about being home sick. :(

Because the weather has been so iffy I have been trying to get outside whenever the temperature is above 50, and when it hasn't been I've been spending a lot of time lately on my bike trainer spinning my wheels watching my slew of shows including horrible reality TV, Grey's Anatomy reruns, Castle since Lauren made me obsessed, and other TV shows I'm a little embarrassed to say I watch.  Don't hate.  You know you've got some secret obsessions too. ;)

While I have enjoyed getting to watch my shows while I bike, I have missed the beautiful rides around the lake that never get old.  Of the few rides I've done around the lake, a few have been sunny-ish, but one was down right frigid.  I really wanted to wear my new Tri shorts my in-laws gave me for Christmas!  Check these beauties out:

You'd want to wear these bad boys too!

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Saturday pans out to be a beautiful 70 degrees like they say it's going to be.  Who knows with this crazy weather though.  Tonight and tomorrow morning we're supposed to get sleet/snow.  #areweintexas?  If it was like last week's snow I'll for sure take that.  It was beautiful and the border collies loved playing in it, in their sweaters of course. ;)

It was beautiful!!!

Haha, google images added snow to my picture.  It was snowing, but I did not add the effect.

After eating homemade pizza with Ry, Jetta Belle decided she was a lap collie.

This week's workouts:
Monday - DONE! - Swim: 2475 meters, Bike: 45 minutes
Tuesday - Bike/Run Brick - Bike: 60 minutes, Run: 30 minute recovery run - stretch well
Wednesday - Rest - But I think I'm going to get a short bike or run in
Thursday - Swim: Recovery - 3 x 400 with even splits for each, 200 easy cool down, Run: 90 minute long run
Friday - Swim: long day - Warm Up: 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim. Main: 2 x 900. Cool Down: 4 x 50. Total Meters - 2800
Saturday - Rest - If the weather is nice I'm going to get a 40 mile bike ride in
Sunday - Swim/Bike/Run - Swim: 30 minute swim, Bike: 2 hour ride, Run: 30 minutes

Tomorrow is sweet Oakley Mae's 1st birthday!  Of course I made the girls some homemade dog treats. Yes, I'm that dog mom. :)  Check them out here.

Happy Monday friends.  Enjoy your weather, even if it's wishy washy. :)  I'll try to do the same.

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