{Legs Don't Fail Me Now!}

"What one gets, I hope, is that all you can do is the best you can do." - Mike Farrell

Well, Mr. Mike Farrell, I didn't know who you were until I googled you and found out you're most famous for your role as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H, but you sure have hit on a very important truth!  I can only do the best I can do and if I try to do my best there is no failure in that.  Thank you for the reminder!

Last night during spin I was almost convinced that I had asthma.  I couldn't breath, I couldn't keep up with the class, and I just felt plain tired, and that frustrated me to no end.  I was almost in tears at my frustration, but I closed my eyes, slowed my breathing and kept on trucking.  The instructor is awesome, and could see me struggling and kept pushing me.  Boy, am I grateful for that.

I don't like being that person.  I don't like feeling like I can't accomplish the task I set out to do, or looking like a weenie, and I left my spin class feeling like I just bombed a big test.  I felt disappointed with my ride, and defeated knowing that was my only workout for the day.  I hadn't had time to get in anything else.  I'm trying to believe it was my body telling me to slow down, that it's trying to work to fight off something, so today you couldn't bike as far, but tomorrow you'll be full strength again.  One can hope right?

I realized this morning I did my best.  I allowed myself to be pushed even when my legs were exhausted, when I was struggling to breath, and when I wanted to cry and quit.  I may not have felt like I killed my ride at the end of it, but not crying and quitting is a really big accomplishment for me.  I pushed past that weakness and trucked on, and I proud for that.

Two years ago when I was training for the MS150 I would ride around White Rock Lake for most of my rides.  There is a giant hill, on a street called Loving, that feeds into smaller hills before you get back to actually riding around the lake hence the name "The Loving Hills".

It feels like this, and I look like that person... a mix of sweat and tears.

I never look like this kid.  Why do you mock me kid?  Nobody sane smiles on the Loving hills.

I wouldn't dare do that hill without the support of my group, but when I rode with them they encouraged made me do the hills.  Thank goodness for good support.  It's worth a million dollars... easily.  I struggled up those hills for months.  I cried on those hills.  I quit on those hills.

Today, I think those hills would still kick my butt, and I have no doubt I might still feel like crying and quitting, but yesterday showed me that I have grown.  I didn't cry.  I didn't quit, and in the midst of feeling let down and like I wasted a day of training, I have embraced the ride and decided to not let it define my workouts moving forward.

I said from the get go, there would be days I struggled, days my body quit on me, days I was fighting a cold or allergies.  Well, it's been months and I've had a few struggles here and there, but nothing to this extent, and yeah, it sucked, but it didn't break me.

My encouragement to you, and to myself, is to remember that you can only do your best, and if you try to do your best there is no failure in that.  Here's to a new day, renewed strength and energy, and thankfulness to my Father in Heaven that I have legs to tucker out and a body to strengthen!

Happy Friday, friends.  Be your best!

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