{Happy 1st Birthday, Oakley Mae}

Oakley Mae,

You little rascal!  I cannot believe that 8 shorts months ago we brought you into the Nabors family.  You were so tiny, so mischievous, so curious, and we were so in love.  Well, not much has changed, little love, except you're not so little anymore!  Free puppy, where has the time gone?

The first picture we ever saw of Oakley.  My sister, Christen, sent us her picture and the message about her.  We were immediately hooked.  Thanks Chris!!

Taking Miss Oakley home.  Jetta wasn't so sure about this "new puppy" thing yet.

{The Nabors}

Oakley Mae, Oakley, Goose, Goosie, Walrus, Wolverine,  you have 100% stolen our hearts.  Despite your enthusiasm for barking, your hearty eating of anything and everything, your occasional deafness when you'd prefer not to mind, and your little stinker ways you are an incredible girl.  I adore your prancing like a small Clydesdale, your enthusiasm for toys, the way you embarrass me when we're at the vet because you don't want to be weighed (it's okay baby, you're big boned), your awesome modeling skills and you patience with me when I pretend to be a photographer and take 1,000+ pictures of you, your exceptional snuggling skills, your love of mimicking your big sister, the way you rock your costume as the Queen of Hearts, your enthusiasm for swimming even when it's 30 degrees or less outside, and your passion for life.

Oakley's 1st day with us (left), and her 1st trip to the lake (right).  She was so TINY!

It has been a big year for you girl!  You gained an awesome sister who has taught you the ways of the border collies, you learned to swim in the lake, you chewed through a brand new leash when we tied you up to paint the deck at the lakehouse, you chased ducks for so long until we thought you were going to drown, we were sad with you when you got spayed and had to stay at Dr. Fred's overnight, and we were amazed when you popped your inflatable cone, you're getting better at walking on the leash, you have gotten pretty fast, you have learned how to do several tricks, and you have learned to play and snuggle with us!

Little girl, you have so much life left to live, and I am overjoyed knowing we'll get to continue to watch you grow.  Sweet watch dog, I can't wait for the day you watch over and protect our kids the way you protect us.  I thank the LORD for you, even when you make me angry, because I know he is preparing me for the road ahead and teaching me patience.  You are a blessing, Goosie.

Happy 1st Birthday, little girl!  May you know how much we love you each and every day, and how thankful we are for you.  We love you so much Oakley!

Mama T

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